Amar Sandhu, Managing Director

Amar Sandhu

Managing Director

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My Biography

Amar is a successful entrepreneur with a vast array of diverse skills accumulated over a broad professional history. Entering the computer and information technology space in 2001, Amar served as a computer engineer at Sun Microsystems.

When the dot com crash of 2002 left him without a job, he entered the transportation space as an owner-operator. He later bought a struggling license and permits company and worked hard to redeem the business, which is still in operation today. He also operated a trucking company in the Interim hauling produce from California to the Midwest and East.

In 2009 Amar founded a freight factoring division which led to him co-founding Accutrac Capital Inc(ACI). ACI has now been acquired by eCapital and is a significant portfolio within the company’s freight factoring division. Amar is a graduate of the University of Southern California with a Master’s in Electrical Engineering.