Tony Howard, Chief Credit Officer

Tony Howard

Chief Credit & Portfolio Officer

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In his capacity as Chief Credit and Portfolio Officer for eCapital, Tony is instrumental in guiding our corporate credit decision-making and managing credit and risk. In addition, Howard oversees portfolio performance and plays a key role in the company’s acquisition strategy.

Tony’s efforts help maintain a priority on protecting the interests of our investment partners. He assesses all major credit and operating decisions to minimize risk as we aggressively expand our reach across the continent. With an eye toward maximizing accessibility to working capital, Tony guides our credit structure, processes and decision making to ensure that we consistently maximize this access across the entire organization.

Tony is an experienced senior credit and risk executive with more than 20 years of international finance experience in corporate and investment banking and asset-based lending. He was formerly Managing Director of CBIZ, Managing Director at PWC, and Director with KPMG’s Corporate Finance Group in Atlanta. He has conducted a variety of board level finance, credit and risk reviews and assignments targeting growth and corporate renewal across a broad spectrum of companies, working closely with many major banking and commercial finance companies in the US and Canada. He is a graduate of the University of Kentucky.

“We are focused on finding even better ways to mitigate risk while accelerating our customers access to the working capital they need.”

Tony Howard