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Carrier Payment Services for Freight Brokers

As brokers navigate the constant changes, including increasing competition, slow paying shippers, stricter regulations and compliance, the road to profitability is getting longer. Successful freight brokers are fueled by a healthy cash flow. With our carrier payment service, we provide fast payment for your carriers and take care of your billing and collections so you can focus on running a profitable business.

Factoring for Brokers
Broker Factoring

Why Factoring For Freight Brokers Is A Good Idea

Fast Payment

Flexible options for quickest payments.

Improve your broker rating

Offer 21-day standard carrier payment

Real-time insights

Leverage our load management tool to track loads and carrier status

Eliminate capacity crunch

Retain the most qualified carriers by offering the most competitive quick pay options and fuel discounts

It’s scalable

Available funding grows with your brokerage

Stop chasing payments

Collections and billing handled on your behalf

The Process is Simple

  1. Upload Your Paperwork
  2. We Pay Your Carrier Fast
  3. We Handle All Your Billing and Collections

Get Smart Tools

With our online portal, we make it easy to manage your carrier payments and streamline AR management.

  • Select carrier payment terms
  • Track loads with our load management tool
  • Upload invoices and load documents
  • Auto generate invoices for your carriers
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Invoice Factoring

“Offering my carriers fast payment has doubled my business.”

Taylor B.
4 years in business and counting!


Jay W.
Chili champion


“I work with a lot of shippers and drivers, so having eCapital take collections and billing off my plate is such a relief!”

Matt R.
Client since 2010


How will this make me more competitive?

eCapital gives you a lot of advantages for staying ahead of the pack. You’ll raise your credibility with carriers by paying them faster, including Quick Pay options and by offering fuel discounts and advances. Plus, by letting us manage your carrier payments, you’ll improve cash flow, allowing you to invest more in your business.

Does this make financial sense?

Backed by eCapital’s Carrier Payment Service, you are in a much stronger financial position to keep your business moving and retain happy carriers with our factoring for freight brokers.

Here is an example scenario:

  • A shipper is going to pay you $1000 to haul a load.
  • You find a carrier to haul that load and agree to pay them $750.
  • Once we receive your invoice, rate sheet, and bill of lading, we pay you 90% of the load. In this case, that amount is $900. We pay your carrier the $750 for hauling the load and will pay you the remaining $150.
  • The remaining $100 (10%) is put away in a reserve escrow until the invoice pays. The reserve will be released automatically to you on the following Thursday, minus your fee.

Is it really as simple as just uploading my paperwork?

Yes! It really is. All you need to do is upload your paperwork to the Client Portal, and we take care of invoice processing, carrier payments, customer collection, and paying you any remaining balance on the invoices.

What sort of additional services do you offer for my carriers?

We offer fuel discounts at the top fuel providers in the country, fuel advances, free 24/7 online credit checks, quick pay options, and extended service hours.

What if I am already signed up with another company?

If you’re unhappy with your current factoring company, we can help with that! It’s very common for us to help negotiate a buyout and work directly with your current factoring company to make it as easy as possible to switch. The best thing to do is jump on a quick call with us so we can determine the best way for you to transition to eCapital.

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