Calculate Your Cost Per Mile to Maximize Profits

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    In order to operate profitably trucking companies must first know their “all-in” cost-per-mile (CPM). Knowing this cost, is the only way to set a freight rate that will generate enough revenue to pay costs and generate a profit.

    Enter your trucking company’s costs in each of the following fields to calculate CPM. Perform your CPM calculation on a regular basis, at least once per month should be the minimum. Be careful to include all costs, but ensure you don’t duplicate costs by including any one expense in more than one field. To calculate your trucking company's unique cost-per-mile, you must consider both fixed costs and variable costs.

    NOTE: costs are to reflect the period you are reporting (ie: one week, one month, one year)

    Use the data from your company’s accounting books and tax preparation reports to enter data in the fields below. Enter numerical values only (do not enter “$”).
    Monthly Costs =Annual Cost / 12
    Weekly Costs = Annual Cost / 52
    Weekly Costs = Monthly Cost x12 / 52

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