Amar Sandhu, Managing Director

Amar Sandhu

Managing Director

Freight Factoring

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My Biography

Amar is a successful entrepreneur with a vast array of diverse skills accumulated over a broad professional history. Entering the computer and information technology space in 2001 as a computer engineer, the dotcom crash the following year left him jobless, so he entered the transportation space as an owner-operator. While also invested in other companies at the time, it was the experience with the trucking company (which hauled produce from California to the Midwest and East Coast) that expanded his knowledge of the freight industry.

In 2009, Amar founded a freight factoring division which led to him co-founding Accutrac Capital Inc (ACI). ACI was then acquired by eCapital and contributed a significant portfolio to the company’s freight factoring division. Amar is a graduate of the University of Southern California with a Master’s in Electrical Engineering.