Advice to Managing a Business Crisis

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When you’re going through hell, keep going.” ~ Winston Churchill

Where’s Winston Churchill when we need him? His immortal words, uttered during World War II, ring true in their simplicity, and also in their call for action. He didn’t say “wait for a sunnier day” or even “this too shall pass.” Churchill instead promoted action. Do something. “Keep going”.

I never knew Sir Winston, but he strikes me as the perfect business leader for times like these. In moments of great uncertainty, it’s easy to become paralyzed by fear and concern for what might happen next. Instead of worrying, businesses should consider what actions they can take to assuage their fears.

There are always things you can do even if your business has been ordered to shut down or curtail operations. Check in with a key customer, touch base with a supplier, connect with employees, even if it’s to express empathy on a human level. Call your lender, keep them up to date. Stay engaged and stay in the game.

Fear is a reaction. Courage is a decision”. ~ Also Winston.

The guy had crisis management nailed. Experts say that in times of high anxiety even taking small but concrete actions can help alleviate stress. The action of doing something actually contributes to a sense of well-being beyond the incremental value of the action itself. And by remaining active, there’s less time to dwell on all the things wrong with the world. Keep going. “Sure I am of this, that you only have to endure to conquer.” Churchill once again!

Ready to step up and make some defining moments happen for yourself and your company? Summon your inner Churchill. There you go. Get out there and keep going.

F. Bruce Sim
Head- Acquisitions

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