• $5,000,000

  • DATEApril, 2024
  • DIVISIONHealthcare
  • CATEGORYInvoice Factoring
Pointe-Claire, QC

eCapital Injects $5MM Funding Boost, Paving the Way for Medical Supplier’s US Debut

This Canadian-based medical supply company selling products to the biomedical and pharmaceutical industries in Canada, Europe, and the U.S., recently obtained FDA approval for its main product, complementing existing approvals from Health Canada and the European Union. With this significant milestone, the company, projecting a surge in U.S. sales, required additional working capital to ramp up inventory and receivables to meet the anticipated demand.

Facing resistance from their previous lender, which declined to increase exposure due to recent losses, the client turned to eCapital for a solution. Leveraging its expertise and extensive network, eCapital collaborated closely with Canada Economic Development Corp., Investissement Québec Inc., Business Development Bank of Canada, and the client’s real estate lender to provide refinancing and additional capital necessary for the company to execute its growth strategy.

Tom Siska, SVP, Commercial Finance, emphasized, “At eCapital, we’ve mastered the art of collaboration across borders to secure vital financing for companies like this Canadian medical supplier. While many factors primarily finance U.S. clients, our unique capability to fund Canadian-based clients is just one aspect that sets us apart. Our adeptness in navigating complex deals highlights our expertise and unwavering commitment to supporting businesses during pivotal growth phases.”


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