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Awesome Trucking Company Name Ideas for Your Startup

Do you have plans to start your own trucking company? Joining the community of approximately 350,000 owner-operators who have already begun the journey is an exciting and rewarding adventure. The…
Revolving Line of Credit (RLOC)Blog

Strengthen Your Trucking Company’s Financial Position with a Revolving Line of Credit

If you're a business owner in trucking, whether you're managing a fleet or hauling loads yourself, there's a powerful financing tool available that is well worth becoming familiar with -…

Are You Better Off Running Your Own Trucking Company?

From an opportunity perspective, the freight industry is experiencing one of the best periods in its history. The American Trucking Association’s U.S. Freight Transportation Forecast 2021 to 2032 shows a strong rebound…

Thinking about Flat Fee Factoring? Make Sure Your Deal is Simple and Flexible

Freight transportation is a fast-paced industry requiring constant action to source loads, deliver freight and maintain operational efficiencies. To keep up with these and other continuous demands, it can be…
How to start a trucking company with just one truckBlog

How To Start A Trucking Company With Just One Truck

If you have a passion for being your own boss and have a keen interest in trucking, this is the right business for you. Your income potential is only limited…

A Freight Broker’s Path to Success

Freight demand has been regaining momentum following the initial disruptions of the pandemic and is now reaching an $800 billion industry in the USA. With constrained truck capacity supporting freight rate increases,…

Why Choose a Freight Factoring Company Rooted In Experience?

Trucking is a capital intense industry. For a majority of trucking companies, reliable, flexible funding is an absolute necessity to keep hauling. To grow the business, expanding credit limits and…

The Difference between Recourse and Non-recourse Factoring

In the transportation sector, running a company comes with many challenges, but one of the biggest is managing the heart and soul of your business — your cash flow. Restricted…

Understanding Rates, Fees and the Total Cost of a Factoring Agreement

Over the past ten years, invoice factoring has become a widely used cash flow solution across North America. Its popularity has been growing due to the simple yet effective way…

eCapital Connect – Introducing Your Fastest Way to Cash

Freight carriers and brokers are in a constant fight against time - delivering shipments safely and on schedule is only half the battle. Gaining fast, easy access to working capital…

How Does Invoice Factoring Increase Business Profits?

Why do a growing number of trucking companies include invoice factoring (also known as freight factoring or transportation factoring) as part of their financial strategy? The answer lies in the…

How to Charge the Right Truck Freight Rate (Per Mile)

Trucking is a highly competitive industry with slim margins. The truck freight rate you charge will have a significant impact on the volume of loads you haul and your bottom…

How to Shop For Commercial Truck Insurance

There’s no getting around the fact that commercial truck insurance is a costly but necessary business expense that cannot be avoided. Without adequate truck insurance, the financial consequences of a…

Economic Trends on the Rebound and the Driver Shortage

The driver shortage continues to challenge the transportation industry’s capacity to meet freight demand and is stifling the growth potential for many trucking companies. It’s a decades-old problem that has…
A semi truck parked by the roadBlog

A Trucker’s Guide to Paying HVUT – Form 2290

Just a few short months ago your trucking company had to pay its 2020 year-end taxes - but it’s not over yet, another truck tax is looming just around the…
An image of two large semi trucks on an highwayBlog

Is Your Trucking Company Prepared For Growth in 2021?

The trucking industry is volatile by nature – how well your trucking company is prepared to ride wild swings in demand, rates, rising fuel costs and numerous other fluctuating trends…
Clearing Through the Cloud of Factoring MythsBlog

Clearing Through the Cloud of Factoring Myths

Invoice factoring has been part of the trucking industry from day one. In fact, it has supported numerous industries for thousands of years before trucks were even imagined. Yet, despite…
How to Choose the Best Freight Factoring Company For Your BusinessBlog

Checklist: How to Choose the Best Factoring Company

You’ve made a great decision; to leverage your accounts receivable and access fast cash by factoring your invoices. The next step is to find the best factoring company for trucking…
Invoice Factoring for Trucking 101: Solving Your Cash Flow ProblemBlog

Freight Invoice Factoring 101: Solving Your Cash Flow Problem

Managing cash flow is crucial for your trucking business. Truck payments, fuel, maintenance, payroll, insurance, and taxes are costs that don’t go away. We know you need a steady income…
How to Check Freight Broker Credit ScoreBlog

What Is a Freight Broker, and What Do They Do?

Any experienced trucker will tell you that maximizing equipment utilization is a key strategy to ensuring the success of your trucking company. Another way to look at it is –…
Controlling Your Trucking Company’s Cost of FuelBlog

Controlling Your Trucking Company’s Cost of Fuel

Keeping your costs under control is crucial to the financial success of your trucking company. An increase in revenues doesn't always translate to an increase in profitability. However, a dollar…
Cost Per Dollar – The Real Cost of FactoringBlog

Cost Per Dollar – The Real Cost of Factoring

Invoice factoring is growing in popularity as a preferred funding solution to support trucking operations and fuel growth. Yet despite being a mainstream financial strategy, most truck company owners fail…
Will Your Trucking Company Get Paid? Assessing Credit RiskBlog

Will Your Trucking Company Get Paid? Assessing Credit Risk

One of the many advantages of working with a specialized invoice factoring company for the trucking industry includes access to a large database of credit information on existing and potential…
Why Refer a Friend for Freight Factoring?Blog

Why Refer a Friend for Freight Factoring?

Why should you refer a friend to eCapital Freight Factoring? The simple answer is to be helpful, establish cooperative relationships and get cash rewards in the process. When you refer…
Increase Trucking Company Profits with an Improved Fuel Buying StrategyBlog

Increase Trucking Company Profits with an Improved Fuel Buying Strategy

By better managing fuel costs and having an effective fuel buying strategy, business owners and fleet managers have the ability to make their trucking businesses more profitable. Fuel costs are…
Increase Trucking Company Profits with an Improved Fuel Buying StrategyBlog

Is Factoring a Good Idea for Your Trucking Company?

Trucking is a great business full of risk, rewards, difficulties and success stories. It is a volatile industry, ever-changing with new technologies, new regulations, fluctuating market conditions and global disruptions…
Spot Factoring vs Contract Factoring for Trucking CompaniesBlog

Spot Factoring vs Contract Factoring for Trucking Companies

For trucking companies, operational interruption can have serious negative impact on customer relations and your bottom line. Having preventative programs in place to avoid disruption is a key strategy to…
Refer a FriendBlog

How to Qualify for Freight Factoring

If you own a trucking company there are a number of issues that continuously occupies your mind – ensuring readily available access to working capital is one of the most…
How to Qualify for Freight FactoringBlog

Typical Freight Factoring Terms You Should Know

Reliable access to working capital is a critical necessity for any trucking company. The choice to start factoring freight bills to support operations and fuel growth is a sound business…
A moving truck on a highwayBlog

How Working Capital Can Challenge Trucking Companies

A company’s working capital is a core part of funding its daily operations. Despite the extreme importance of over-the-road services, freight carriers and brokers continue to experience difficulty in meeting the…
A female truck driver behind the steering wheels of a parked tralierBlog

Company Driver vs Owner Operator – What’s the Difference?

With positive projections of healthy market conditions stretching out over the next two years and more, there is no better time to launch their own trucking company. As the massive…
company driver vs owner operatorBlog

How to Prepare Your Trucking Company for Autonomous Driving

Does the thought of self-driving freight trucks cause you concern for the viability of your trucking company or your career as a truck driver? According to truck industry experts, it…
Autonomous TrucksBlog

How to ready your truck company for a rebound year in 2021

Top industry analysts are expecting a very strong market and an improving environment for trucking companies to achieve greater profitability in 2021. The rollout of vaccines marks the beginning of…
Trucking companies experiencing working capital demandsBlog

How To Avoid Trucking Scams

The unfortunate reality is that as people and organizations become more vulnerable, scammers become more active. Since the beginning of the health crisis, there’s been a considerable increase in fraud…
Bank Loan vs Freight FactoringBlog

Bank Loan vs Freight Factoring

Lock and Load Your Backup Financial Plan – Get Ready for High Demand 2021 is shaping up to be a good year in trucking with growing demand for capacity and…

Is being an owner operator in 2021 worth it?

Last year proved to be a significant year for the trucking industry as the entire globe faced the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Trucking was declared an essential service for…
image of two trucksBlog

3½ Ways to Grow Your Trucking Business

If there’s one thing we know about trucking businesses, it’s that owner-operators and fleet owners are focused on growth. When we talk to trucking business owners, the majority of them…
Company Driver vs Owner OperatorBlog

How To Improve Your Trucking Company In 2021

Operating a trucking company is not for the faint of heart, it takes road experience, an entrepreneurial spirit and a tough hide. Be sure you are prepared for the road…
Five Tips for Following Up on Accounts ReceivableBlog

Five Tips for Following Up on Accounts Receivable

It can be one of the greatest frustrations of owning your own trucking company – you do a great job delivering safely and on time, but your customers won't pay on…
How Factoring Helps Assess Credit Risk & Improve Cash FlowBlog

How Factoring Helps Assess Credit Risk & Improve Cash Flow

Providing payment terms to customers is common practice in the trucking industry. Failure to do so will undoubtedly lead to a dramatic loss of business. Shippers expect at least net…
Commercial factorBlogFeatured InUpdates

eCapital President Steve McDonald Featured in Commercial Factor Magazine

After a turbulent year for the factoring industry, Steve McDonald predicts which trends will carry over into 2021, specifically noting that a tightening of bank lending will cause many small…
8 Things You Can Do Today to Grow Your Trucking or Transportation BusinessBlog

8 Things You Can Do Today to Grow Your Trucking or Transportation Business

If you’re the owner of a small trucking business, you know it’s tough to compete with larger fleets. The obvious advantage of more trucks often means that they can offer…
Fleet Fuel Cards vs Credit CardsBlog

Fleet Fuel Cards vs Credit Cards

Is your trucking company using a credit card instead of a fuel discount card as your company’s fleet card? If so, you’re paying far too much for diesel, your company’s…
The History of Invoice Factoring in the Trucking IndustryBlog

The History of Invoice Factoring in the Trucking Industry

Invoice factoring is older than you think The concept of factoring is quite old. Factoring has been around since the ancient Mesopotamian times and the code of Hammurabi. It is…
The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Starting and Running Your Own Trucking BusinessBlog

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Starting and Running Your Own Trucking Business

Congratulations! You’ve decided to start a new trucking company and be your own boss. Trucking is one of the best ways to become a business owner. To succeed you will…
eCapital Featured in The Secured LenderBlogFeatured In

eCapital Featured in The Secured Lender

eCapital’s senior vice president of sales, James Poston, was interviewed for a feature article, “SF Net’s 40 Under 40: Where are they now” in The Secure Lender magazine. In this…
Calculate Your Cost Per Mile to Maximize ProfitsBlog

Calculate Your Cost Per Mile to Maximize Profits

In the trucking industry, we know that profits are everything and it's important to know your truck operating costs for every load. As an owner of a trucking company, making…
How Do Trucking Companies Make Good Money?Blog

How Do Trucking Companies Make Good Money?

It seems simple enough to make money as a trucker; pick up freight here, deliver it there, bill the customer. To a layman being an owner operator or trucking fleet…
How to Improve Cash Flow and Enhance Your Trucking Company’s ProfitabilityBlog

How to Improve Cash Flow and Enhance Your Trucking Company’s Profitability

How do trucking companies make money? The basic principle is simple; trucking companies make money by driving loaded miles and charging a higher rate-per-mile than the company’s cost-per-mile. The greater…
How to Calculate Days Sales OutstandingBlog

How to Calculate Days Sales Outstanding

You work long hard hours on the road, day after day to deliver freight safely and on time. All the while you’re managing the anxiety of waiting for invoices to…