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eCapital Breaks Through Single-Debtor Barrier with $15MM Invoice Factoring Facility for Disruptive Transportation Tech Firm

MIAMI – June 12, 2024 – eCapital Corp. (“eCapital”), a leading tech-enabled finance provider specializing in tailored solutions for businesses across North America and the United Kingdom, has funded a $15 million factoring facility for a world-leading technology firm in the transportation industry. This transaction underscores eCapital’s commitment to supporting high-growth companies facing the challenge of single-debtor concentration, a hurdle that often restricts access to traditional financing.

While the company boasted groundbreaking advancements and a broad market reach, its debtor concentration limited its ability to secure funding and fuel further growth. Recognizing its potential, eCapital leveraged its deep industry expertise and tailored a solution that addressed this specific challenge.

“Many lenders shy away from single-debtor scenarios,” said Tom Siska, SVP, Commercial Finance at eCapital. “However, our rigorous due diligence process and confidence in our team’s expertise allowed us to navigate this complexity and structure a flexible facility.”

This bespoke arrangement alleviated immediate financial pressures and positioned the company for sustained growth. Through meticulous evaluation and creative finance structuring, eCapital provided a flexible facility that increased availability and minimized restrictive covenants, empowering the company to capitalize on its projected 25% annual growth. “We are proud to support this innovative leader as they continue to revolutionize the transportation industry,” Siska continued. “This transaction exemplifies eCapital’s dedication to navigating complex financing scenarios and enabling mid-market companies with the resources to achieve their full potential.”

This successful transaction highlights eCapital’s dedication to navigating complex financial scenarios and driving dynamic outcomes in today’s competitive marketplace. By providing essential financial support to pioneering firms, eCapital reinforces its position as a trusted partner for growth and innovation.

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