What is A Freight Bill?

A freight bill, also known as a freight invoice or shipping invoice, is a document issued by a carrier or freight forwarder to the shipper or consignee detailing the charges for the transportation of goods. It serves as a receipt of the services provided and outlines important information such as the shipper and consignee details, description of goods, shipping origin and destination, freight charges, any additional surcharges or fees, and payment terms.


In the following example, ABC Manufacturing Co. is the shipper, and XYZ Retailers Inc. is the consignee. The freight bill provides details about the goods being transported, the origin and destination of the shipment, the freight charges, any additional surcharges, and the payment terms.


| Shipper: ABC Manufacturing Co. |
| Consignee: XYZ Retailers Inc. |
| Description of Goods: |
| – 10 Boxes of Electronics Components |
| – Weight: 500 lbs |
| Shipping Origin: Warehouse A |
| Destination: Warehouse B |
| Freight Charges: $500.00 |
| Fuel Surcharge: $50.00 |
| Total Charges: $550.00 |
| Payment Terms: Due upon receipt |
| Carrier: Example Freight Inc. |
| Carrier’s Signature: _________________ |

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