• $3,500,000

  • DATEMay, 2024
  • DIVISIONFood & Beverage
  • CATEGORYInvoice Factoring
Markham, ON

eCapital Provides $3.5MM Confidential Invoice Factoring and Inventory Financing Facility to Canadian Organic Food Manufacturer

With a legacy spanning over 40 years, the manufacturer, once the pioneering brand in its category, sought to revitalize its prominence in the industry. Referred to eCapital by one of its esteemed Accountant partners, the client sought a flexible working capital finance solution to bolster its cross-border operations.  Recognizing the importance of agility and adaptability in today’s competitive landscape, especially in managing Canadian and U.S. receivables, eCapital swiftly responded to the client’s needs by structuring a bespoke financing arrangement.

The innovative solution crafted by the eCapital team integrated confidential invoice factoring with inventory financing, providing the client with the necessary liquidity to support its day-to-day operations and growth initiatives. By leveraging its extensive experience and industry knowledge, eCapital was able to address the client’s cash flow requirements effectively while ensuring confidentiality and supporting client relationships in both the U.S. and Canada.

Tom Siska, SVP, Commercial Finance at eCapital commented, “Our growing reputation for expertise in facilitating cross-border deals and working closely with clients to set achievable plans to ensure their success was key in this collaboration. The referral from a trusted source further accelerated our process, as the client had confidence in our ability from the start. Our ability to tailor flexible financing solutions, coupled with our commitment to delivering exceptional service, underscores our dedication to empowering businesses and driving positive outcomes.”

This collaboration exemplifies eCapital’s mission to cultivate enduring partnerships and deliver tangible value to its clients.


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