Get business rolling – it's easier than you think

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Okay, you’ve been working hard to get your trucking business rolling. Out of pocket expenses are adding up… right?
Truckers turn to invoice factoring to gain access to a steady cash flow for their business. In fact, many transportation companies that utilize factoring services consider it a secret to their success. So, in the time it takes to read this chat, you’ll know the best way to finance your trucking business.

trucking factoring QandA conversation

Let’s recap!

Traditional bank loans can take months to complete, and sometimes you need cash NOW. This is where invoice factoring services can come in handy. Here are 8 reasons why:
#1 – No debt created
#2 – Start-ups qualify
#3 – Save money and time on invoice processing
#4 – Factoring is flexible
#5 – Industry knowledge and savings programs
#6 – Quick and painless account setup
#7 – Professional collection services
#8 – Improve your credit

Fast, flexible funding for trucking companies.

eCapital understands the cash flow demands you face and gets you the immediate funds you need for your transportation business. No matter if you have 1 truck or 100, we can get you the quick cash you need to:

  • Expand your fleet
  • Hire more drivers
  • Pay for fuel and operating expenses

It’s simple, fast, and free to get started. Why not get a free, no-obligation quote? Call 760.456.3762 or fill out the form.