What is AN Early Termination Fee?

An early termination fee in invoice factoring is a charge imposed by a factoring company when a business decides to end their factoring agreement before the agreed-upon term has expired. This fee compensates the factoring company for the administrative costs and potential loss of anticipated income due to the premature termination of the contract.


Key Aspects of an Early Termination Fee in Invoice Factoring:

  1. Purpose:
    • The fee is intended to cover the factoring company’s costs associated with setting up and managing the factoring arrangement, as well as the loss of future income that the factoring company would have earned from the continued factoring of invoices.
  2. When It Applies:
    • The early termination fee applies when a business opts to end the factoring agreement before the end of the contract period, which could be due to various reasons such as securing alternative financing, changes in business operations, or switching to another factoring company.
  3. Calculation:
    • The fee is typically calculated based on the remaining term of the agreement and the expected volume of invoices that would have been factored during that period.
    • The specific calculation method can vary and may be a flat fee, a percentage of the remaining value of the agreement, or a combination of both. It might also be based on the average monthly volume of invoices factored.
  4. Contract Terms:
    • The details of the early termination fee, including how it is calculated and under what circumstances it applies, are usually outlined in the initial factoring agreement. It is crucial for businesses to carefully review and understand these terms before entering into the contract.
  5. Impact on Businesses:
    • While the early termination fee provides an exit option, it can represent a significant cost for businesses. Companies should consider this fee when evaluating the total cost of the factoring service and when planning their financing strategy.

Example of an Early Termination Fee in Invoice Factoring:

A business has a 12-month factoring agreement with a factoring company to factor $100,000 worth of invoices each month. Six months into the agreement, the business decides to terminate the contract. The terms of the agreement include an early termination fee of 3% of the remaining invoice value for the remaining six months.

  • Remaining Invoice Value: $100,000 × 6 months = $600,000
  • Early Termination Fee Rate: 3%


Early Termination Fee = $600,000 * 3%

Early Termination Fee = $18,000

In this scenario, the business would need to pay $18,000 as an early termination fee to the factoring company to end the agreement prematurely.


Considerations for Businesses:

  1. Review Agreements: Carefully review the factoring agreement to understand the early termination fee and the conditions under which it applies.
  2. Compare Costs: Consider the early termination fee in the context of the overall cost of factoring and compare it with the benefits of potentially switching to another financing option.
  3. Plan Ahead: Have a clear understanding of your financing needs and how long you plan to use factoring services to minimize unexpected costs.


The early termination fee in invoice factoring provides a mechanism for businesses to exit their factoring agreements but comes with associated costs. By understanding the terms and potential impact of the early termination fee, businesses can make informed decisions about their financing strategies and manage their cash flow effectively.

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