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This Gerber Finance blog is a unique, one-of-a-kind read, just like Gerber Finance is a unique, one-of-a-kind company. One of the reasons why Gerber Finance is so unique is its dedication to helping women-owned, women-founded and women-led businesses. And yes, Gerber Finance is a women-led business as well.

Many women-owned companies

There are interesting and revealing facts about professional women who lead their own companies. According to statistics from the National Association of Women Business Owners, there are approximately 11.6 million companies that are women-owned. Equally impressive is that these companies generate $1.8 trillion on a yearly basis.

The underrepresentation of women business owners

While the figures above demonstrate not only the vast number of women-owned and women-led businesses, but their profitability as well, there is an opposite extreme: According to, only eight percent of women hold the title of CFO. And, PitchBook notes that women’s share of venture capital funding is just two percent because these financial firms are reluctant to back female-led companies, despite their proven track record of success and relevance in the business world. How can we help women get access to funding to start and grow their businesses?

Gerber Finance is committed to changing the narrative

Gerber Finance supports women-owned businesses and celebrates their impact, mission and entrepreneurial spirit which is helping to drive the nation’s economy forward. Even though we’re seeing more women entrepreneurs starting businesses, 66% report difficulty in getting financing and Gerber Finance wants to help. That’s why we have made a pledge to increase our female portfolio. Currently, 34 percent of Gerber Finance’s portfolio is comprised of women-led companies, and our goal is to increase this percentage to 51 percent. We are proud to claim that 69 percent of the Gerber Finance team is made up of women—and 60 percent are in leadership positions.

A special shout out to moms

The expression of “having it all” indeed applies to the women business owners who are also mothers. Jennifer Palmer, CEO of Gerber Finance, recently contributed an article to Forbes about these particular women—called “mompreneurs”—and summed up her beliefs of managing a business as well as family: “Moms get it done.” These women are already accustomed to multitasking, which has helped build their perseverance and determination in accomplishing their goals, both personal and professional.

A review…

We are proud to share the stories of some of our amazing, fearless, strong women business leaders who we have personally helped to succeed:

  • Check out our blog, “Debt is Not a Four-Letter Word” where we speak to Jill Voss, Founder of Baby Gourmet (organic baby food), and Kat Nouri, Founder of Stasher (single-use non-toxic silicone bags). Their financing journeys both led to Gerber Finance where they received capital to grow their business with minimal dilution and no loss of power.
  • We share Nona Lim’s inspiring story about how she started her business making fresh Asian cuisine and the influence of her culture, family and how she overcame challenges from the pandemic. Listen to our Podcast featuring Nona.
  • Melissa Martin’s journey building her business, Wean Green (eco-friendly tempered glass containers) was everything from “interesting” to “chaotic.” She learned from her mistakes, built a dream team of hard-working moms and adapted to changing industry trends, all while successfully maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Listen to our Podcast featuring Melissa.

The evidence is clear: Women have proven themselves many times over as successful leaders of companies. And, it should be noted, a good number of these companies are environmentally conscious. Also clear is the lack of visibility of these strong businesswomen – and it is our mission to celebrate them and bring them to the forefront!

If you are a woman who owns a business and are in search of financing, find your way to Gerber Finance, where you may join a select group of very distinguished clients who have succeeded, thanks to debt-based financing. Contact us today to learn more.

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