How the right financial partner makes all the difference

The Challenge

To find a financial partner that makes the invoice factoring process easy and offers dedicated account support.

The Solution

eCapital exceeded their expectations as a financial partner who supports their business, provides reliable account support, and offers the management tools to make the process easy.

The Story

For nearly 50 years, our client has led the way in the design and manufacturing of overprinting equipment for the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, among others. They use invoice factoring to give them more flexibility with cash flow; to fund research and development projects and allocate funds where they’re needed most for the benefit of the business. Before working with eCapital, they factored their invoices with another provider.
Factoring invoices should make A/R management easier. Invoice processing, collections, and reporting can be handled by the factor, leaving more time for clients to focus on managing their business. But not all factoring companies take this approach, as our client experienced.

“We had a difficult time with our previous factoring company. Their process was challenging and the communication was poor. It was really hard to get things done.”

Making the switch to eCapital gave our client a whole new perspective on what a financial partnership should be.

“Oh my goodness, it’s been leaps and bounds different! Our account manager is phenomenal. The process and communication are excellent. We have been quite impressed, especially having a previous company as a point of comparison.

The flexibility to choose which invoices to factor for clients paying with a credit card and the easy access to credit card payments is a huge improvement, as is how everything is managed through the online portal.

“The submission process is so easy. I can export directly from Sage, and all reporting can be compiled into PDFs with the supporting purchase order documents. It’s nice and organized!”

What This Means For You

Factoring is a good solution for your business if you:

  • Trade with other businesses
  • Issue Invoices with up to 90-day payment terms
  • Are an established business or a startup
  • Are unable to obtain traditional bank financing
  • Are unable to increase an existing line of credit
  • Want to finance growth or expand into new markets
  • Need to cope with season fluctuations

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