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List of All the American Trucking Associations (ATA)

Last Modified : Jan 24, 2024

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The North American trucking industry is enormous. It is a significant contributor to GDP growth, employs over 8 million people, and generated over $875 billion in gross freight revenues in 2021. Despite being the backbone of the economy and recognized as a critical service, the industry is fragmented. 95.7% of registered trucking companies operate 10 or fewer trucks. Company owners need to know they are not alone when dealing with safety issues, insurance costs, federal regulations, the continuing driver shortage, and more.

Joining national, state, and local trucking associations helps connect your operation to the very powerful trucking community. By joining these associations, your company becomes part of a larger body to help shape policy and collectively influence the future of trucking. Moreover, these associations provide information, resources, and connections to industry suppliers, professional services, and shippers. Being actively involved with national, regional, and local associations elevates your ability to monitor trending influences, plan and respond to changing economic conditions, and tap into cost-saving products and services. In short, joining trucking associations provides strength in numbers, access to resources, and cost benefits that will strengthen your trucking company’s ability to grow and prosper in up markets and during economic downturns.

American trucking associations were designed to support owner-operators, fleet owners, and general trucking businesses. Following is a comprehensive list of the best American national, state, and local trucking associations.

The Ultimate List of American Trucking Associations

National Trucking Associations

American Trucking Association (ATA) – American Trucking Association is the largest and most comprehensive national trade association for the trucking industry.The voice of the industry America depends on most to move our nation’s freight. We are an 86-year-old federation with state trucking association affiliates in all 50 states. We represent every industry sector, from LTL to truckload, agriculture, and livestock to auto haulers, and from large motor carriers to small mom-and-pop operations.” 

Trucking Industry Defense Association (TIDA) a highly dynamic organization founded in 1993. With membership recently exceeding 1,450 industry professionals in both the United States and Canada, TIDA is committed to engaging in actions and activities that reduce loss costs to the trucking industry.

Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) – an association representing the interests of independent owner-operators and professional drivers on all issues that affect truckers.

National Association of Small Trucking Companies (NASTC) founded in 1989 by David Owen and Buster Anderson to establish an active association for small trucking companies nationwide that serves as an advocate for, a consultant to, and a source of collective buying power for its member companies.

National Association of Independent Truckers (NAIT) – primary focus is providing access to buying power through benefit programs delivering options to reduce the cost of running a trucking business.

North American Transportation Association (NTA) – provides safety and health products and services to transportation-related organizations, private fleets, motor carriers, and independent contractors.

Women in Trucking Association (WIT) a non-profit organization with the mission to encourage the employment of women in the trucking industry.

State Trucking Associations

Alabama Trucking Association

Alaska Trucking Association

Arizona Trucking Association

Arkansas Trucking Association

California Trucking Association

Colorado Motor Carriers Association

Motor Carriers Association of Connecticut

Delaware Motor Transit Association

Florida Trucking Association

Georgia Motor Trucking Association

Hawaii Transportation Association

Idaho Trucking Association

Illinois Trucking Association

Indiana Motor Truck Association

Iowa Motor Truck Association

Kansas Motor Carriers Association

Kentucky Trucking Association

Louisiana Motor Transport Association

Maine Motor Transport Association

Maryland Motor Truck Association

Trucking Association of Massachusetts

Michigan Trucking Association

Minnesota Trucking Association

Mississippi Trucking Association

Missouri Trucking Association

Montana Trucking Association

Nebraska Trucking Association

Nevada Trucking Association

New Hampshire Motor Transport Association

New Jersey Motor Truck Association

New Mexico Trucking Association

Trucking Association of New York

North Carolina Trucking Association

North Dakota Motor Carriers Association

Ohio Trucking Trucking Association

Oklahoma Trucking Association

Oregon Trucking Associations Inc.

Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association

Rhode Island Trucking Association

South Carolina Trucking Association

South Dakota Trucking Association

Tennessee Trucking Association

Texas Trucking Association

Utah Trucking Association

Vermont Truck & Bus Association

Virginia Trucking Association

Washington Trucking Associations

West Virginia Trucking Association

Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association

Wyoming Trucking Association


The economic outlook is unpredictable. The lingering effects of recent trade wars, continuing supply chain issues, rising inflation, and slow GDP growth are only a few of the challenges that most truck company owners face. Joining professional trucking associations allows you to meet these challenges, not alone but with like-minded professionals. As part of a larger community, you can ask for advice, share your ideas, and discover alliance opportunities.

Leverage the strength of mutually beneficial relationships with associations and other industry experts to best position your trucking company for growth as the post-pandemic era reshapes the economic landscape around us. Many associations offer unique benefits to members, such as endorsed health insurance plans, drug testing programs, and discounted supplies. Another valuable benefit is access to resources and contacts to understand the state of the industry. Keeping abreast of market size, freight trends, industry issues, research, training, and technical advice positions your trucking company to be best prepared for a highly competitive market.

Leverage the many benefits and resources available from industry associations and industry experts to make the most of growth opportunities and maximise profitability.

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