Fast, flexible payroll funding solutions that get you the most money for your staffing business.

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Paying your workforce on time by meeting payroll is critical. But when you are waiting for your clients to pay, where do you find the cash? Our payroll funding solutions can get you the cash you need to make payroll, manage operations and achieve your business goals.

Payroll Funding, Get the Cash you Need


Streamlined approval and setup process to get you the cash you need.

Payroll Funding with Flexible Terms


Terms designed for you.

Payroll Funding for Fast Cash


Expertise to maximize working capital.

Payroll Funding by the Industry Experts


In depth understanding of the staffing industry.


You’re working hard to build and grow your staffing company. Navigating through economic changes, adjusting to fluctuations in labor demand, and staying on top of day-to-day operations isn’t easy. But how you manage cash flow should be.

You need a responsive payroll funding company that is also a flexible financial partner who will support your business with the working capital it needs. eCapital’s payroll funding solutions are designed to suit your staffing company’s unique challenges, with a team of industry experts behind you every step of the way.


Business growing fast?

Payroll funding solutions that quickly scale to meet demand.


Trouble at the bank?

Put an end to tripping covenants at the bank and secure a reliable source of payroll funding.


Want fewer restrictions?

Get a flexible payroll funding solution without the red tape–and more freedom to run your business your way.


Just getting started?

We’ll quickly get you set-up with the cash you need so you can focus on growing your business


Whether you’re just getting started or looking for a new financial partner to help you take your business to the next level, let’s talk. We’ll work with you to design a payroll funding solution that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.



The fastest way to make payroll. Unlock the cash in your outstanding invoices.



Retain greater control of your finances with the flexibility of an asset-based loan.


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    Easy Setup – Quick and efficient process that is much easier than qualifying for a bank loan or line of credit.
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    Speed – Quickly tap into your assets to generate the cash you need.
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    Financial Stability – Easily manage rapid growth or seasonal fluctuations.
  • null
    Freedom – Enjoy maximum flexibility to make managing your finances a breeze.
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    Customizable – Contract terms are designed to meet your needs.
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    Supports Growth – Suitable for start-ups, small and medium businesses as well as large corporations.


“Big lenders go by the book, eCapital gave us out of the box solutions to support our aggressive growth curve.”

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You won’t find a better payroll funding solution! eCapital is committed to helping your business grow and thrive by offering payroll funding for staffing companies that you can count on. With our faster, more flexible payroll funding solutions you will get the most money to support your business goals. See what our staffing industry experts can do for you.

24/7 Access to Your Cash

Manage your money your way. With eCapital Connect, our proprietary account management software, you are in control of your finances at anytime, day or night.

Fair & Affordable Rates

Our rates are the most competitive in the industry. We know what it takes to maximize your working capital and will customize a payroll funding solution to meet your needs.

Seamless Transition

We understand that making and covering payroll is critical to your business and financial disruption is not an option. We're pros at onboarding new staffing clients and our account management team is here for you every step of the way.

Facilities up to $30 Million

We're ready and able to provide the funding your staffing business needs now and into the future. As your business grows, so does the financing available to you.

Tips & Advice

Tap into our in-depth knowledge of the staffing industry to better manage your business. Get smart, actionable advice and useful tips from staffing industry factoring company veterans.

No Hidden Fees

We believe in transparency in all we do. That means no surprises when it comes to our agreements.

eCapital InstaPay


Send money in an instant with eCapital InstaPay.

  • Transfer money in real-time.
  • 24/7 accessibility.
  • Seamless bank integration.
  • Fast and convenient way to transfer funds electronically.
  • Pay just $10 for instant transfers.

*Pending Approval

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eCapital Third-Party Payments

Streamline Payments

Easily send money to external parties with eCapital Third-Party Payments.

  • Securely send payments anytime, anywhere.
  • Make timely payments to vendors, suppliers, and partners.
  • Minimize errors and save time with centralized payment management.

*Pending Approval

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What Our Clients Say

TomNew Jersey

They care about us, and I have the best account representative out there. I feel like she’s family.

VictorWashington, D.C

eCapital is twice as reliable as a hard lender and twice as cost-effective.


We are very happy with our relationship with eCapital. Our account manager is the best! He is always easy to reach and happy to help with any questions we have – and he pushes things through when we need it.

AldoraNew Hampshire

Our account manager is phenomenal. The process and communication are excellent. We have been quite impressed, especially having a previous company as a point of comparison.


eCapital helped me to set up my company’s factoring service within a couple of weeks. They walked me through the entire process and were a great help from beginning to end. I have worked with many banks in my past positions and I have rarely worked with someone who worked so quickly to make things happen.


eCapital has been key in assisting without international expansion in North America and Central Europe.

ChrisNew Jersey

We researched and interviewed a number of factors and other lenders. In the end, eCapital’s formula for receivables financing was the best for our needs.


We chose eCapital Commercial Finance at first because of their reputation and expertise in the apparel industry and we’ve stayed because of our relationship with their support team and the assurance we have that the money we need will always be there.


eCapital worked with us to create a flexible financing platform that allows us to take advantage of opportunities as they arise, and we appreciate the team’s accessibility. Decisions are made and communicated quickly to avoid disrupting the business flow.


When we meet with potential new business, we tell them that we have financial support from an international conglomerate. Our relationship with eCapital Commercial Finance allows us to take on additional business much easier than it would be working with a traditional bank.

JosephNew York

eCapital helps us overcome hurdles and just makes things easier. Equipment gets dropped off, we pick it up and handle everything - right across borders - until it reaches its destination.


One thing that eCapital does well is they're great on customer service on the day-to-day account manager's side. They're fantastic to work with. They do whatever they can help you and are always available, similar to how traditional banking worked 30 years ago.

KennethNorth Carolina

The whole financial package is just perfect for small companies. eCapital Commercial Finance’s solution addressed all of our problems. Every small company should have a lender that will work with them to overcome obstacles, like eCapital does.



What is Payroll Funding?

Payroll funding, sometimes referred to as payroll financing is a business solution specifically designed for the staffing industry. Our payroll funding solutions include both invoice factoring and asset based lending.  

What is Invoice Factoring?

Invoice factoring allows your staffing business to release cash against your outstanding customer invoices before they’ve been paid. Invoice factoring is the fastest way to free up cash to make payroll and pay your employees on time, plus cover other expenses. 

What is an asset-based loan?

An asset based loan is a secure loan based on the value of the assets within your staffing agency such as your accounts receivable. 

Is Invoice Factoring a loan?

No. With invoice factoring, you are selling an asset (your invoice) to quickly release working capital to make payroll and other business expenses. 

How long does it take to setup a Payroll Funding solution with eCapital?

The time it takes to set up a payroll funding solution varies and is dependent on the solution and the complexity of your business. Invoice factoring is the fastest, with set-up in days. Asset based loans involve more due diligence and generally take a few weeks.  

How do asset based loans compare to a bank loan or a credit line?

Asset based loans are usually easier to qualify for than a bank loan or credit line as the facility is backed by your staffing business’s receivables and assets. You just need to show a track record of profitability and strong financial controls.


How much will invoice factoring cost me?

Costs and payment terms are dependent on the services you use and the amount of invoices we handle for you. We want to earn your business and offer extremely competitive rates for our payroll funding solutions. Business owners contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote. 



How much will an asset based lending facility cost me?

Asset based lending is typically more cost-effective than a bank loan or a credit line; however, the interest rate is often not the only fee. Typical fees include maintenance fee, audit fees and up-front closing fees.





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