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Naturally Gerber Finance to fund high-growth natural products companies

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Naturally Gerber Finance to fund high-growth natural products companies
Last Modified : Feb 23, 2024

SAN FRANCISCO, September 15, 2020 – Gerber Finance, a leading finance partner for companies experiencing accelerated growth, today officially launched Naturally Gerber Finance, the company’s newly formed division focused on the natural products market. The division works with companies within the natural products space, from clean label, organic and non-GMO products, to sustainable design and packaging.

Helming the division is Andrew Hollingsworth, former Gerber client and CFO at Numi Organic Tea, hired earlier this year. Hollingsworth helped establish the company’s west coast headquarters.

“Having worked with Andrew first as a client, and experiencing first hand his deep breadth of knowledge in both finance and natural products, made him an ideal leader for this new arm of our business,” said Jennifer Palmer, CEO of Gerber Finance. “He brings an understanding of our clients that only someone who has literally walked in their shoes can bring.”

Gerber appeals to the market due to the flexibility that asset-based lending allows, with retention of ownership, the flexibility for seasonal businesses, and its hands-on partner approach for improving processes and procedures. Gerber has worked with more than two dozen clients in the space, including:

  • Food and beverage: 18 Rabbits, Nona Lim, Designer Protein, Farmhouse Culture, JSO Associates, M2 Ingredients, Madelaine Chocolate Novelties, Mikey’s, Numi Organic Tea
  • Equipment and Appliances: Habco, M Powered
  • Health and beauty: Coola, Pure Sun Defense, Zero Odor
  • Wine and Spirits: Oriel Wines, Swish Beverages
  • Packaging: Stasher Bags
  • Service: Choice Logistics

“We started working with Gerber Finance due to a referral from a private equity firm we work with, based on their flexibility and the level of partnership they provide,” said Scott Lerner, CEO of Farmhouse. “We were immediately impressed with their depth of industry knowledge and insights into the opportunities and challenges that face our fast-growing industry. We were even more impressed, after just a short period of time, that they have become a true partner vested in our growth, versus a company just supplying financial resources.”

“Working within the natural products industry as a CFO, I quickly learned that an entrepreneurial company with collateral could monetize to help grow to the next level more easily with asset-based lending,” said Hollingsworth. “The flexibility that Gerber provides, understanding that seasonality is a natural part of the market, along with the personal, hands-on consultative approach, won me over. And I am now able to help other companies benefit from the Gerber financial offering.”

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