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Building a High-Functioning TeamBlogCorporateCorporate Blog

Building a High-Functioning Team

Hiring and OnBoarding New Staff During a Pandemic Public policy response to the pandemic, mandating lockdowns and other restrictions on commerce, has created special challenges for business. Recruiting now comes…
The Advantages of "One Stop” Purchase Order and Accounts Receivable FinancingBlogCorporateCorporate Blog

The Advantages of “One Stop” Purchase Order and Accounts Receivable Financing

Most commercial financial transactions follow a well-established process:  A transaction starts with a purchase order, an electronic or paper document issued by the Buyer detailing the amount and specifications of goods…
Three silhouettes standing on a mountain peak with the middle silhouette holding up a trophyBlogCorporateCorporate Blog

Advice to Managing a Business Crisis

“When you’re going through hell, keep going.” ~ Winston Churchill Where’s Winston Churchill when we need him? His immortal words, uttered during World War II, ring true in their simplicity,…
Woman with data management images superimposed on her head to represent problem solvingBlogCorporateCorporate Blog

The Voices Inside My Head

There’s no shortage of voices today. Between social media and the twenty-four-hour news cycle, there is a clattering chorus clamoring for your attention. It’s the voices you pay attention to…
Road sign that says The Extra Mile, Just AheadBlogCorporateCorporate Blog

Why Distribution Companies Need to be Talking About the Extra Mile

Distribution companies talk about “the last mile,” that last step in the delivery process of getting goods to the consumer. Although it may be the shortest distance travelled in the…
Business executive holds an umbrella and faces towards a cityscapeBlogCorporateCorporate Blog

Emerging from a Crisis

Businesses, like people, seek shelter in a storm. In times of crisis it’s only natural to pull back on new initiatives, take protective measures, and become more inwardly focused. But…
Business executives in a lab environment review data on a tabletBlogCorporateCorporate Blog

Why Your Business Needs an Innovation Strategy

“Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson Ralph Waldo Emerson is credited with these words, and he was right.…
Person about to step on a banana peelBlogCorporateCorporate Blog

Building Strong Relationships Between Borrowers and Lenders

No one likes unpleasant surprises. Unanticipated things happen routinely of course, but no one likes to learn about unwelcome developments long after they manifest. Nowhere in business is this principal…