Best Trucking Forums and Websites for Industry News and Trends

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Best Trucking Forums and Websites for Industry News and Trends

For most of 2021, supply chain issues were a top news focus raising the general public’s awareness of the challenges facing the trucking industry. Despite the media attention, few outside the sector genuinely recognize the extent of the complexities that shape one of the nation’s most critical services. But for those in the industry, we know it’s a complex business shaped by multiple factors, from economic influences to climatic conditions, consumer demand to political policies, government regulations, and so much more. Industry leaders, company owners, and trucking employees must keep an eye on changing trends and influences as much as operators need to watch the road.

The internet is a wealth of information for truckers. From trucking news to social media, you’re most likely getting information through websites and other online resources rather than reading traditional newspapers. With so much information available, it can be overwhelming if you don’t have selected and trusted sources.

To help you find your preferred source of trusted information, we have generated a list of the best trucking forums and websites for drivers, owner-operators, and freight brokers.

What to look for as a trusted online source of information

  • Active users
  • Easy navigation 
  • Timely and relevant topics
  • Mobile friendly
  • Up to date

Whether looking for loads, jobs, the latest industry trends, and regulations, or ideas to improve profit, these trucking forums and websites have the information you need.

The Ultimate List of Trucking Forums and Websites

FleetOwnerserves executives and maintenance management of commercial truck fleets that operate five or more vehicles, delivering business information about operations, vehicle maintenance, industry regulations, and information-management technology.

Truckers Newsa site geared towards company drivers to keep up with the latest news in the trucking industry.

Overdrivededicated to covering the trucking industry as it relates to owner-operators.

FMCSA – Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Truckers Reporta network of professional truck drivers connected by a trucking industry forum providing an independent community for drivers to share information and assist each other’s careers.

Women in Truckinga nonprofit that encourages women’s employment in trucking, celebrates their success, and minimizes obstacles.

RoadMaster Drivers Schoolproviding trucking news and Class A CDL license training at nationwide locations.

EveryTruckJobFind truck-driving jobs instantly. All trucking jobs are available. Truck driver jobs in all industries. Community – a resource for help, training, and community.

TruckingTruthdiscussions about getting your career started in the trucking industry.

Class A Driversdedicated to helping all kinds of drivers connect with the companies who want to hire them, plus industry news.

Team Run Smartget advice from fellow truckers and dedicated Freightliner industry pros to become a more successful truck driver, no matter what stage of your career you’re in.

Freight Relocators trucking news, forums, media, and more.


Trucking is more than a complex business – it is also a lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a new trucking career or need to figure out what’s wrong with your truck, you’ll find a massive community of people who can help. Connecting with trucking forums and websites allows you to investigate any topic you can envision, from industry changes to how to travel with your 4-legged friend on board.

Being informed is a critical part of managing change – and change is a constant situation in the trucking industry. Bookmark favorite websites and forums for easy access and view them regularly to keep up with industry developments. For deeper insights, understandings, and advice, develop relationships with industry leaders and experts willing to share their knowledge and expertise to help you grow your trucking business.

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