The support needed to keep growing

The Challenge

To meet the payroll demands of an expanding family-run staffing agency, a flexible source of funding was required to bridge cash flow gaps caused by escalating growth.

The Solution

A $500,000 factoring facility was immediately set up to manage the agency’s urgent need to meet payroll. As business grew, so too did the factoring facility. Today, the facility has grown to a $4.2 million dollar credit limit to provide the working capital requirements of a much larger organization.

The Story

Established in 2006 to serve the Chicago metropolitan area, this family run startup business provides office professionals, warehouse staffing and general labor to the manufacturing, distribution and trucking industries. The agency’s history is a story of immense growth – 2011 sales that topped $4 million has since grown to $30.4 million in 2021.

“Talk about flexible – even when I’m late submitting invoices, funding comes through like clockwork!”

eCapital has kept pace with the agency’s working capital requirements throughout its expansion with tailored services and personalized attention. With four offices throughout Chicagoland, a resurgence in economic activity and flexible financing in place, this agency is well positioned to increase market share.

“I haven’t switched factoring companies since our startup in 2006. For over 15 years they have never missed our weekly funding deadline.”

What This Means For You

Factoring is a good solution for your business if you:

  • Trade with other businesses
  • Issue invoices with up to 90-day payment terms
  • Are an established business or a startup
  • Are unable to obtain traditional bank financing
  • Are unable to increase an existing line of credit
  • Want to finance growth or expand into new markets
  • Need to cope with season fluctuations

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