How Pact achieved 30% growth


Discover how Pact, an eCommerce-based brand in North America, with a deep commitment to sustainability and organic practices, embraced innovation and collaboration to overcome challenges and find financing solutions that have fueled their growth.

Read their story and learn how eCapital provided them with the flexibility and working capital needed to thrive in the ever-evolving e-commerce landscape.

The Challenge

As the company shifted their focus towards a direct-to-consumer eCommerce platform, Pact needed a financing partner who not only understood their unique business model but also provided flexible and fast financing solutions for their e-commerce growth strategy.

The Solution

The willingness to understand the company’s business model, expertise, and innovative approach to tailor asset-based lending solutions set eCapital apart. Drew Cook, CFO, explains, “Where eCapital goes above and beyond what we typically see, is their willingness and ability to provide additional availability within the borrowing base.”

The Story

Read the full interview with Drew Cook, CFO of Pact and learn about their journey, their unique approach to sustainability, financing needs, and the partnership with eCapital that has made a difference.

“We feel we have a true partner in eCapital. One who believes in our vision of where we want to take the business and helps us achieve our goals.”


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