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The flexible way to manage your
business cash flow.

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Is the bank impacting your business?

As banks are rewriting the rules and becoming more restrictive, the relationships larger trucking companies have with the bank are showing signs of stress. Too often, these trucking companies begin to trip their loan covenants or simply become “unbankable” without even realizing it. Are limitations at the bank impacting your business?

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Are you having trouble with your line?

Banks are becoming more risk averse and may demand immediate repayment of a loan or implement a forbearance agreement if you trip your covenants.

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Is your business
in transition?

Companies experiencing rapid growth or entering new markets are viewed as risky by banks and they may have their borrowing capacity limited.

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Are you experiencing

The industry is known to ebb and flow so business cash flow isn’t always consistent, which can put bank loans in jeopardy.

An alternative financial solution for transportation companies

A Factoring Line of Credit is not like working with a bank. As your accounts receivable grow, your access to working capital grows. And along the way, you benefit and keep your business on track with:

  • A revolving line of credit
  • Funds available on demand
  • Only paying for what you use
  • Your back office handled for you

Interests piqued? Get the full scoop about the value of the Factoring Line of Credit in our white paper.

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Factoring Line of Credit

Capital on your terms

With eCapital’s Factoring Line of Credit, we’ve given you a way to maintain your business’ cash flow that lies within the creditworthiness of your customers that allows you to bypass banks completely. Get back to running your business the way you want to. Draw cash as you need it and have no disruptions in cash flow.

eCapital’s Factoring Line of Credit allows you to:

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Bypass restrictive financial covenants

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Immediately access up to 95% of your receivables

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Only pay fees on funds used

We make it easier to run your business

Our professional accounts management team works with you and your customers across North America to get invoices processed and paid promptly.

For a small admin fee, eCapital’s accounts receivable management team will:

  • Speed up invoice processing by ensuring all paperwork is properly administered
  • Free up more of your receivables by managing the collections process
  • Help keep you on top of your balance sheet by improving your accounts receivable reporting
  • Strengthen your business by improving relations with your customers
  • Provide informed credit advice to help you eliminate bad debt
  • Enable your growth by freeing up more of your time to focus on operations

Get more than just steady cash flow

eCapital’s Factoring Line of Credit is the most cost-effective and flexible financial solution out there, allowing your business to quickly capitalize on opportunities for growth.

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What businesses say about Factoring Line of Credit

“eCapital’s Factoring Line of Credit gives us the flexibility to draw on cash flow when we need it. I like that we only have to pay for what we need, when we need it.”

-Frank W, New Jersey

“What impressed me most about eCapital is that they genuinely cared about helping us get back on track. Now we’re in a position where we can get financing from the banks again. They helped us get there.”

-Daniel J, North Carolina

“Nobody likes getting a surprise call from the bank saying that your loan is in jeopardy. This product [Factoring Line of Credit] saved my business.”

-John K, Mississippi

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