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With 35 years of experience, this recruiting and staffing agency company has established itself as a leader, providing professional support and top talent to clients across the US.

Over the past decade, the company has experienced remarkable growth, driven in part by two significant acquisitions. To support this rapid growth, the company needed a creative financing solution tailored to meet their goals.

The Challenge

With rapid growth comes complex financing needs. Traditional banking relationships no longer provided the necessary flexibility and industry expertise that the company required for sustainable growth.

The CEO explains, “The large banks that we used in the past had charters and restrictions that a specialty bank like eCapital may not have.”

This realization prompted the company to explore alternative lending solutions, leading them to eCapital, a specialty lender with a deep understanding of their industry.

The Solution

The company’s journey took a significant and positive turn when they partnered with eCapital as their senior lender.

Utilizing an asset-based lending solution tailored to their exact needs allowed them to leverage a line of credit effectively. This partnership quickly extended beyond the traditional lender-borrower relationship and evolved into a true collaboration.

“I absolutely view them as our partner. For example, we closed on a transaction yesterday that was worth around $26 million. I did a conference call with the all the parties last week, and it’s because of that call that we were able to get the deal closed yesterday. And we could not have gotten it done without eCapital on that call. They came up with a creative solution that everybody liked, and it worked.”


The CEO shares, “I’d ask if they’ve looked at a non-bank lender? We had never looked at a non-bank lender until we did our first acquisition, but the alternative lender we engaged with helped us put together that deal and go outside the traditional lending norm to get the deal done. And for us that was really important. A traditional bank probably would not have allowed that deal to happen. I can only tell you that, because of that alternative lender and now with the support of eCapital, we’ve been able to double the size of the company in the last five years.”

This story stands as a testament to the power of having the right financial partner by your side, who truly understands the industry and provides the flexible support needed. The knowledge, creativity, and unwavering support from the eCapital team have played a key role in this company’s accelerated growth and continued success in the staffing and recruiting industry.

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