Overcoming the Cash Flow Gap: How eCapital’s funding solutions can help.

Extended payment terms

In today’s dynamic business landscape, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face many challenges. One of these can often be funding pressure, caused by their customers taking longer to pay, which can create a cash flow gap that hinders their growth and future opportunities.

Extended payment terms are becoming more widespread, leaving businesses waiting far longer than they can afford. However, eCapital are well-equipped with invoice solutions that can help bridge this gap.

Understanding the Cash Flow Gap

As invoices become outstanding for an extended period, SMEs have limited working capital, impeding their day-to-day operations. Extended payment terms often disrupt the cash flow cycle, causing an unnecessary financial strain and restricting the ability to seize upon new opportunities.

eCapital’s Commitment to Businesses

Recognizing the cashflow challenges that SME’s face, eCapital has developed various innovative solutions that can provide funding surety. Time is of the essence when businesses are experiencing extended payment term issues with their customers. eCapital with its regional teams specializes in swift response times to ensure that funding is provided quickly and efficiently. Essential working capital through our solutions can often be made available in a matter of days upon introduction.

ABOUT eCapital

Since 2006, eCapital has been on a mission to change the way small to medium sized businesses access the funding they need to reach their goals. We know that to survive and thrive, businesses need financial flexibility to quickly respond to challenges and take advantage of opportunities, all in real time. Companies today need innovation guided by experience to unlock the potential of their assets to give better, faster access to the capital they require.

We’ve answered the call and have built a team of over 600 experts in asset evaluation, batch processing, customer support and fintech solutions. Together, we have created a funding model that features rapid approvals and processing, 24/7 access to funds and the freedom to use the money wherever and whenever it’s needed. This is the future of business funding, and it’s available today, at eCapital.

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