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Empowering Recruitment Agencies: Unlocking Sales Growth with eCapital‘s Invoice Finance Solutions

    Last Modified : May 02, 2024

    Empowering Recruitment Agencies: Unlocking Sales Growth with eCapital ‘s Invoice Finance Solutions

    The relentless pace of demand within a rapidly changing UK recruitment sector often lead to turnover spikes, so having an easy and consistent access to cashflow is imperative for sustaining current and future growth.

    Recruitment companies often find that servicing new business places pressure on working capital, balancing the need to meet weekly payroll commitments while at the same time grappling with extended payment terms.

    At eCapital, we understand the funding challenges that your business will face along its journey. Our specialist team can offer bespoke invoice finance solutions that can empower your business by accelerating its access to cash.

    Invoice finance immediately unlocks the cash from your outstanding invoices, putting you firmly in the driving seat to take your business forward.

    An upfront cash injection from the monies owed by your customers will boost your cashflow, and with the expert guidance and market leading support from your local eCapital team, your recruitment business with have the funding confidence to thrive.

    eCapital can also provide a valuable credit protection solution that will safeguard your business growth against the damaging effects of customer insolvency and cashflow implications of non-payment. Giving you the added peace of mind to keep moving forward and achieving attainable targets.

    With eCapital ‘s award winning invoice finance solutions:

    • Gain the cashflow flexibility to invest in new staff and contracts.
    • Our cash solutions are uniquely built around your business and its finance requirements both now and in the longer term.
    • Funding can be quickly delivered within a matter of days.
    • Provide a reliable and consistent source of working capital as your business grows.

    To find out more about eCapital could help your recruitment business visit us at :  Alternative Financing Solutions | eCapital / Invoice Finance | eCapital

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    eCapital Commercial Finance (eCapital) is a leading invoice financier providing funding facilities up to £4m to support the growth of SMEs through the provision of flexible working capital facilities. With five fully functional UK regional offices, its local teams are uniquely placed to respond promptly and purposefully to the cashflow needs of its clients. The business has grown significantly since its launch in 2001, providing over £4 billion of funding to businesses. It is majority owned by eCapital, a US based financial services business with interests in the USA and Canada.

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