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Stormy Weather – 5 quick safety tips for your drivers

It’s that time of year where winds are blowing and only the well-trained drivers come out with clean safety records. Use these 5 simple tips to get your fleet ready for the cold months ahead.

There’s no place like home

For the driver
It’s easy to speed past important safety steps when you want to get home before snow hits. Slow it down and don’t overlook serious safety procedures.
For the fleet manager
When weather turns bad, you need to talk to your drivers and let them know that their safety comes first. Make it a little easier on your drivers, alleviate pressure and show you understand the situation. Hey, it might even improve your driver retention rates! That’s a win-win.

Don’t worry be h “app” y

For the driver
Download a weather app with real-time alerts so you can see what you’re heading into. It only takes a few minutes before you start driving to check weather in the states along your route
For the fleet manager
Communication is the key when you want to keep your drivers out of danger. Train and retrain your fleet on the best tools to get the job done.

Use it or lose it rule, it’s your time

For the driver
Taking the time to plan for expected bad weather will save you time in the long run. Today’s technology and media coverage make it much easier to plan ahead. Use your time wisely.
For the fleet manager
Give your drivers the extra time they need to prepare for bad weather and deliver the load safely.

Pay attention!

For the driver
In addition to paying attention to weather alerts, take care to check that brakes, headlights and brake lights, tires, windshield wipers, fluid levels, and indicator lights are in good working order.
For the fleet manager
Remind your drivers that their eyes are their most valuable asset. Keep distractions to a minimum like texting and have GPS, paperwork, and ELDs ready to go. Of course, it seems obvious but… NEVER cross road barrier signs! Often, flash floods and other forces of nature could be just out of view and always beyond your control.

Know your way out

For the driver
Don’t get boxed in especially when weather takes a turn (tornados, hurricanes, ice, snow, etc.). If your visibility goes from bad to worse you need an escape plan. Pull off the road, set the brakes and get your hazards on. Yes, you may have to wait it out but you’re staying safe and protecting anyone else that’s still on the road.
For the fleet manager
Whether you have new drivers or veterans, caution them all to “mind the bubble”: front, behind, all sides and all directions or angles of the truck. Creating a virtual safety zone around the truck is crucial.

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