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Ways to Compare Staffing Factoring Companies

The staffing and recruiting industry is giant, with reported US revenues of $151.8 billion in 2019. 2020 saw a 21% decline due to the disruptions of the pandemic, but as…
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How to Set Up Your Staffing Agency to be Profitable

In general, temporary staffing companies run net profits ranging from 3 to 10 percent, depending on the industries served, local conditions and clients’ special service requirements. According to analysis, the…
Staffing blog

Make Payroll: Financial Solutions for Staffing Agencies

The key component to running a successful staffing company is managing financial performance — making a profit and having sufficient cash flow. Professionals need to have confidence that they will…
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Getting Small Business Financing is Difficult … or is it?

The challenges facing small and medium-sized businesses in today’s economic environment can be daunting. Changing market conditions, supply chain disruptions and difficulty hiring staff have emerged as new barriers to…
How Staffing Agencies Hire Top Talent? | eCapital Commercial FinanceStaffing blog

How Staffing Agencies Hire Top Talent

Companies hire staffing agencies for a multitude of reasons, but it boils down to two main objectives; to hire qualified candidates for specific job positions, and to manage the administration…
Time Tracking Solutions for Temporary Staffing AgenciesStaffing blog

Time Tracking Solutions for Temporary Staffing Agencies

Just like a coin has two sides, staffing agencies have two main functions – hiring productive workers to fill job positions and conducting the administrative management of those workers. The…
Background Image for How to Start a Temporary Staffing Company PageStaffing blog

A Guide on How to Start a Temporary Staffing Agency

Optimism for robust economic recovery is growing as the vaccine rollout continues creating an expectation for near-normal activity to resume during the coming summer months. With anticipated upswings in almost…
How Invoice Factoring Can Improve Your Staffing Company Customer RelationshipsStaffing blog

How Invoice Factoring Can Improve Your Staffing Company Customer Relationships

“What will your customers think if your staffing company uses invoice factoring?” In today’s business environment the credit management benefits a factoring company provides are a value add for staffing…
How Invoice Factoring Can Improve Your Staffing Company Customer RelationshipsStaffing blog

Top 10 Reasons Why Staffing Companies Use Payroll Funding

As a staffing company, your core business is to source workforce talent, your next priority is to reliably make payroll on behalf of your clients to keep that talent in…
Four Nurses walking down a hallStaffing blog

Nurse Staffing Agency Financing

How do Nurse Staffing Agencies Get Funding? Running a nurse staffing company is no easy task. Even the most well-managed nurse staffing agencies find payroll, rapid growth and similar challenges…
Cost Per Dollar – The Real Cost of FactoringStaffing blog

Payroll Funding – What It Is, How It Works, and Its Advantages

What is Payroll Funding? Payroll funding, also known as payroll financing, enables a company to sell its invoices to get instant cash to fulfill its payroll needs. Payroll funding works…
Trendy man with glasses looks into the distance thoughtfullyStaffing blog

Top 5 Questions to Ask when Choosing a Payroll Funding Company

Choosing the right Payroll Funding company can be one of the most important decisions for your Staffing Agency. No matter the type or size of your business, covering payroll is…
Person writing a cheque on a wooden tableStaffing blog

Payroll Factoring: What You Need to Know

Have you ever thought, “Can I meet my next payroll?” Making payroll can be difficult even for highly profitable businesses. Long payment terms on customer contracts or starting a large,…
Man with glasses deep in thought while looking at a computer displayStaffing blog

Bridging the Payroll Financing Gap with Alternative Lenders

Every business has cash obligations that it must meet. Chief among these obligations is payroll. Whether paid weekly, biweekly or monthly, payroll is a crucial cash need for most businesses…