Small Business Tips and Considerations for a Healthy 2016
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Small Business Tips and Considerations for a Healthy 2016

The beginning of a New Year brings with it a fresh start, which usually is accompanied by resolutions, new ideas, predictions, and other nuances that can help people and businesses re-energize. A quick Google search returns countless lists that can provide numerous ideas to small business owners. To save yourself the time it takes to conduct a lengthy search, we’ve done it for you!

  1. Visualize and set up your day the night before. This is a smart and useful way to help you hit the ground running. There’s power, too, in visualizing how you want your day to go – even though small business owners know that there is never a perfectly smooth day.
  2. Surround yourself with productive people. Not just the people you know but also the people you follow on social media – the strangers that can subconsciously motive and push you to new heights.
  3. Stand while you work. Certainly depends on what you do, but it is better for your back and posture to stand more than sit.
  4. Focus on one word for the year. This one is interesting and might be difficult for most people but you certainly could focus on one word each week or month.
  5. Maximize your most creative time. This is a great time management skill as well. As a small business owner you know firsthand when you’re at the top of your game. If you’re a morning person, schedule your difficult tasks then. If you’re a night owl then perhaps that’s when you should tackle tough tasks.
  6. Know when not to be productive. The day is only so long. Be realistic in what you can and (perhaps more importantly) cannot get done in any given day.
  7. Slow down and reassess to avoid getting overwhelmed. This is particularly true as a small business owner. You wear so many hats and your days are never smooth (despite visualizing it). During the day it’s important to take stock of your task list and reprioritize as things come up.
  8. Prioritize what matters. Going hand-in-hand with the previous point(s)… as tasks and challenges enter your schedule each day be sure to prioritize what really matters. Ask yourself the question, “At the end of the day, it’s really about__________?” That’s where your focus should be.
  9. Batch tasks to create flow. Depending on the type of work you do there exists the possibility of batching tasks. If your staffing company, as example, is in the process of hiring temp workers, then perhaps spend a whole day interviewing, then perhaps another day checking references. This creates efficiency which will help you get things done faster.
  10. Be intentional about email. If you’re going to read the email, then respond to it, otherwise don’t bother opening it. And, be sure not to get caught up in email discussions that don’t need your input. As a small business owner, you are likely CC-ed on many email communications simply for protocol. That doesn’t mean you need to respond to them all.
  11. Do whatever it takes to block out distractions. There are many distractions today that didn’t exist in the past, from Facebook and social media, to Candy Crush and the Internet in general. It goes without saying that you can waste some valuable time with distractions.
  12. Create a list of easy-to-dos. After completing arduous tasks, it’s nice to get some of the smaller, easy tasks out of the way. It helps clear your mind for the next challenge and you’ll still get some needed tasks accomplished.
  13. Create a list of your most important tasks. This is the list of tasks that have to get done. List them in order of priority and tackle them head on. You can break them up with some of those easy-to-dos mentioned in the previous tip.
  14. Consistently self-evaluate. You evaluate your employees all the time and need to. That said your most important employee is likely yourself as a small business owner. Be honest and understand what you can and cannot do. Delegate accordingly!
  15. Focus on recurring revenue. One of projects are great, but as a small business owner you know the importance of cash flow and recurring revenue helps build this consistent revenue stream.
  16. Limit your time on social media. Much like Fast Company point number 11 above, these distractions can keep you from completing your important tasks. It’s okay to check Facebook here and again, but be strategic about it.
  17. Put your electronic devices away. They’re not talking about during work, but at night. Using a smartphone or tablet before going to bed hurts your ability to get a good night sleep, and sleep for a small business owner is paramount.
  18. Get more help. You can’t do it all so stop trying. It might be that hiring someone to help not only gets that task done faster, but frees valuable time you can use to grow the business.
  19. Fully fund your retirement. Make sure you put money aside for later in your life. It’ll come around faster that you know so being prepared for your golden years is smart.
  20. Take care of your health. Not only will a healthy small business owner be more productive and successful, but you’ll get to enjoy that retirement in all its glory.
  21. Keep learning. Conferences, workshops, webinars are great ways to stay current in your industry. You can also read countless business books that can provide insight. And of course visit our blog for small business tips and ideas as well.
  22. Check your financial statements regularly. It’s important to be up to speed on the financial health of your organization. Schedule some time during the week to check on these statements and stick to it!
  23. Plan your day. Create a list of tasks and prioritize them. Many of the Fast Company points above speak directly to planning out your day and making the most of the time you have.
  24. Send out invoices. It’s all about getting paid and that starts with sending invoices. It’s actually a task that can get missed in the hustle of a busy day, but needless to say it’s crucial.

These tips and considerations can help set the tone for a great 2016. Of course all of these tasks are designed to help your small business flourish and grow and cash flow is at the heart of that success. Come back soon as we’ll be discussing the importance of cash flow to small business health and growth.

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