Charles Sheppard


eCapital Freight Factoring Inc.

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My Biography

Charles is the President of eCapital’s freight factoring operations across North America. Over the past two years, he has led the consolidation of resources from multiple freight factoring acquisitions. Through this process, Charles now directs the day to day operations of one of the top freight factoring providers in the North American marketplace. By leveraging some of the best practices across those acquisitions (including the advanced use of technology, back end support systems and product innovations), Charles is effectively setting new standards for operational excellence in the freight factoring category.

Prior to leading the eCapital Freight Factoring group, Charles worked with CEO Ken Judd to independently build one of the most successful freight factoring companies in Canada. Their emphasis on digital channels to identify and engage expansive audiences enabled the firm to quickly forge ahead in the marketplace and contributed to their rapid growth.

Charles’ success as a senior-level financial executive is the cumulative result of more than 25 years of finance, business management and transportation experience.