Charles Sheppard, President of eCapital Freight Factoring

Charles Sheppard

Chief Operating Officer

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Charles is the Chief Operating Officer of eCapital. In this position, he is responsible for all operating functions and procedures across our organization. Charles works with our corporate leadership team to create well-defined business strategies, and then transforms them into achievable goals that can support our performance and growth across all eCapital divisions.

Given our accelerated pace of growth over the past three years, one of Charles core priorities will also be to lead the development and implementation of a single operating infrastructure for the organization. This effort will enhance our overall efficiency and performance through the strategic application of technology and innovation. It will also enable us to better onboard new acquisitions as we introduce them to a best-in-class operating environment.

Prior to his appointment as COO, Charles worked with us as President of eCapital’s Freight Factoring division; leading our rapid evolution into one of the top freight factoring providers in the North American marketplace.

Charles’ success as a senior-level executive is the cumulative result of more than 25 years of finance, business management and transportation experience in the US and Canada.

“With the combined synergies of our businesses, in-depth business intelligence and the expansion of our digital footprint, we have the talent and infrastructure in place to take advantage of market opportunities ahead.”

Charles Sheppard