Top 6 Ways to Find Loads

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In business, time is money. Miles are money too if you’re in the trucking business. When you’re an owner-operator or a fleet owner, you need to keep your trucks moving to get paid. Your priority is finding contracts and loads.
Check out 6 of our favorite places to look:

Freight Brokers


Freight brokers: Connect you to shippers.
Good when: You’re just starting out.
Tip: Freight brokers do much of the legwork for you, including negotiating the rates with shippers.

Dispatch Services


Dispatch services: Help you schedule loads.
Good when: Gets you up and running fast.
Tip: Dispatchers can provide administrative services like accounting, billing and collections, and monitoring delivery.

Government Contractor


Government Contractors: Fill profitable contracts.
Good when: Local, state and federal governments have transporation needs and registering just takes a few extra steps.
Tip: Contact your city or state government for more details.

Load Boards


Load boards: You select loads you want.
Good when: You’re into convenience.
Tip: Load boards supply a lot of job details making it easy to choose loads based on your search criteria.



Networking: Develop business contacts and new opportunities.
Good when: You’re involved with industry associations and events.
Tip: Go online and join industry groups. Shake some hands and meet people. You’ll be surprised at how this small investment in time can pay major dividends in the future.



Prospecting: Find your own contracts.
Good when:  You have time to research and make some cold calls.
Tip: Ask questions and follow-up. Prospecting can be a bit of a numbers game, so keep at it.

You may have a lot of questions about the best way to find loads. Many of the options above will provide you with industry tips and business connections for your trucking business. Most importantly, eCapital can help you figure it all out.

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