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What is freight factoring?

Freight factoring is a specialized form of invoice factoring designed for the transportation industry. It is a mainstream financial strategy that involves the selling of account receivable invoices at a discounted rate in exchange for immediate cash. Learn more about freight factoring.

How does freight factoring work

It’s simple! First, sign up. Setup is fast and easy and you’ll get approved right away. Then, deliver a load. Upon delivery you submit any paperwork to show the work was completed (invoice, rate confirmation and signed bill of lading) via web upload to our client portal or through the mobile app. Then you receive up to 98% of your invoice immediately. The funds are transferred directly into your eCapital account.

What happens if my customers are unable to pay?

If your customer does not pay due to unforeseen complications then you become responsible for the full repayment of the invoice amount. Alternatively, we will ask you to exchange the invoice for another of comparable value.

Who will contact my customer to collect payment?

Our customer care team have specialized training to collect payment and protect your relationship with customers.

Do I qualify for freight factoring?

Companies experiencing high growth, financial difficulty or are starting up qualify for freight factoring. Other examples of companies who qualify include:

  • Freight brokers
  • Intermodal and container freight companies
  • Long haul transportation carriers

Where can I learn more about freight factoring?

We provide several resources to learn more about freight factoring:

  • Learn more about Freight Factoring
    • What is freight factoring?
    • How does freight factoring work?
    • Who qualifies for freight factoring?
    • How much does freight factoring cost?
  • Call: 800-705-1500 and ask to speak to one of our factoring consultants. We’re happy to answer your questions simply and completely with no obligation.
  • Read our BLOG with regularly updated articles on factoring.

How do I request funding and monitor my account?

We make it easy for you to request funding or check the status of your factoring account by providing a combination of personalized service and online access.

  • Knowledgeable Account Manager: You’ll be assigned an Account Manager who will be responsible for assisting with day-to-day funding requests and reporting.
  • Secure Online Access to Activities and Reports: We provide you with an online account where you have access to in-depth reporting tools.
  • No Originals Required: Submission of documentation to receive funding is easy and hassle free. When your company delivers freight, send us your invoice and signed bill of lading via fax or web upload. We have no requirement that you deliver original paperwork to our office. eCapital confirms the load and provides up to 100% of the value of the invoice.

Do I use recourse or non-recourse factoring?

Choosing recourse and non-recourse factoring depends on the relationship a trucking company has with its customers.

Recourse factoring places the responsibility on trucking companies to buy back invoices or exchange them for another of comparable value if the customer does not pay for the delivered load within 90 days. The benefit of this type of factoring is that it has lower fees associated with it.

Non-recourse factoring places the responsibility on the factoring company to absorb the financial loss if a trucking company’s customer does not pay for a delivered load; however, this only happens if the customer cannot pay due to bankruptcy. This circumstance is rare given a customer’s inability to pay is usually the result of a dispute or financial difficulty. In either case, the factoring company will try to secure payment of the delivered load. In addition, this type of factoring has higher fees associated with it due to the risk the factoring company faces.

How is freight factoring different than a bank loan?

Freight factoring is different than a commercial line of credit because:

  • Qualification is based on your customer’s credit score: One of the main differences between freight factoring and applying for a business loan is how the financial institution determines your creditworthiness. When you apply for a business loan, your bank will base their decision on how creditworthy you and your business are. When qualifying for factoring, the decision is based on how creditworthy your customers are. That is especially helpful for a business that is already stretched its available credit, or to a newer business that has yet to build its credit history.
  • What is considered acceptable collateral: For a business loan, you will often be asked by the bank to put up collateral such as a building, piece of equipment, or personal assets like your home. With freight factoring, the invoice sent to your client (ie: your accounts receivable) becomes your collateral, no other hard assets are required.
  • How and when it is repaid: Most business financing requires regularly scheduled payments stretched over a specified period of time (for example: monthly). With freight factoring, you receive an advance up to 98% of the invoice amount within 24 hours of submitting your invoice to the factoring company. Our factoring fees are deducted from the advance making the cost of factoring simple, easy to manage and affordable.

What is a Factoring Line of Credit?

Factoring Line of Credit provides a line of credit equaling a percentage of the combined book of account receivables. The line can be drawn on as needed and fees are applied to funds withdrawn along with a small administrative fee. This form of factoring is cost effective and beneficial to larger fleets.

Qualifying for our Factoring Line of Credit is based on the creditworthiness of your customers.

Commercial institutions investigate your financial history, credit rating, assets on hand, liabilities, and require you secure the line of credit against a personal or business asset to access.

How long does it take to get initial funding?

After signing our agreement, first funding will take no more than 48 hours and invoices will process even faster going forward.

When will I receive funding?

Funds will be transferred directly into your eCapital account immediately after approval of submitted invoice and signed bill of lading.

How will my customers remit payment to eCapital?

Upon completing our onboarding process your customers will be provided an email informing them of your company’s relationship to eCapital. This email will introduce your customers to eCapital and provide specific payment instructions. All future invoices to your customers will include a notice to remit payment to eCapital.

This email is known as Notice of Assignment – it is a legal document that must be sent to customers before we can fund you.

What is the importance of a credit score?

Understanding the credit score of your customers provides you certainty on their payment cycle. With this information, you can predict your business’s cash flow needs and make decisions with regard to:

  • purchasing supplier, inventory and equipment
  • avoiding late payment penalties

Find your customer’s credit score with our Credit Search tool. This service is free for our clients.

What services does eCapital offer?

We have developed a comprehensive package of specialized services for trucking companies:

What is a fuel card for truckers?

Our fuel card for truckers provides discount pricing and extended credit on fuel at major truck stops in America. It is a secure and simple way for drivers to receive cash and pay for expenses such as fuel, repairs, scales, hotel rooms and other necessities.

Our Fuel Discount Program provides:

  • Driver spending information
  • Extensive security controls
  • Ability to set product, volume, and dollar limits
  • Ability to calculate fuel taxes based on transaction data

What is cash flow and why is it important?

Cash flow is the incoming and outgoing capital during the course of operating. It can be received and paid in the form of checks, email money transfers, PayPal payments, credit card payments, etc. Once honored, these amounts become cash flow. It is different from revenues and expenses as they are reported on your income statement as they are incurred. They are not considered cash in the bank.

It is important to maintain positive cash flow to support operations and pay expenses – in the trucking industry it can take 30-90 days for customers to pay.

What is the difference between factoring vs. line of credit?

Freight factoring is designed specifically for trucking companies:

  • Easy qualification process.
  • Cash advance up to 98% of your combined Accounts Receivables.
  • No predetermined funding amount. The more invoices you produce, the more funding becomes available.
  • Only pay fees on funds drawn.
  • Dedicated Account Manager to service your needs.
  • Easy 24/7 access to your online account.
  • Free credit checks.
  • Back office support included.

A commercial line of credit is designed for the benefit of the bank:

  • Highly restrictive qualification requirements.
  • Predetermined funding amount.
  • Must comply with bank covenants in order to continue funding.
  • Banks audit your account continuously. Any financial metrics that disrupt their sense of comfort will result in the loan being terminated.

Do I need to factor every load or can I pick and choose?

If you Factor a load from a particular customer, you must factor all the loads from that customer. You can choose which customers to factor, but not “which invoices to factor”.

How is freight factoring cost-effective?

Freight Factoring saves you money by providing the flexibility to:

  • Avoid late penalties for overdue bills
  • Avoid fees incurred when paying with credit card
  • Avoid credit risks and make sound financial decisions
  • Reduce costs associated with accounts receivable management

How can factoring grow my trucking business?

Trucking is a capital intense industry and growing fleet needs access to capital. Freight Factoring provides you the capital needed to:

  • expand your workforce
  • offer longer payment terms
  • upgrade equipment

Factoring your invoices provides the opportunity to focus on other aspects of your business like staffing, finding loads and fleet management.

How can factoring help my cash flow forecasting?

The benefit of freight factoring is that it allows you to get funds immediately after approval of submitted invoice and signed bill of lading. Trucking companies who do not use Freight Factoring are left on uncertain payment terms as shippers and freight brokers can pay between 30-90 days.

How does freight factoring help my startup trucking company?

Freight Factoring provides trucking startup companies with immediate access to capital. With this, you avoid the 30 to 90 day payment period common in the trucking industry. If you do business with creditworthy customers then you qualify for freight factoring.

  • Easier to obtain than a bank loan
  • Get cash immediately after documentation approval
  • Avoid using business or personal assets as collateral
  • Avoid risk by checking customers credit rating
  • Avoid chasing receivables
  • Expert advice from trucking industry experts who know your business
  • No monthly payment obligations
  • No need to re-negotiate payment terms every time you need additionally funding

Can I start freight factoring despite past bankruptcy?

You can still qualify for freight factoring because factoring is based on the creditworthiness of your customers. It’s one of the reasons why freight factoring is more convenient than traditional financing from banks.

How do I get started with freight factoring?

Start Freight Factoring by calling 800.705.1500 or clicking “Get a Quote” above. A factoring consultant will be in contact within hours of the submission.

Upon initial contact we will review:

  • Current accounts receivable
  • Historical data
  • Credit application – business & personal
  • Government-issued ID
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Insurance
  • Voided check
  • Authorities (CVOR/MC/DOT/WSIB)

From this information we will create a freight factoring program tailored to your business’s financial needs.

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