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Running a better business starts with a consistent business cash flow. Take advantage of our fast cash factoring service along with free billing and collections support so you can focus on growing your fleet.  

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By reducing the 30, 60, 90-day payment cycle to just 24 hours, you have immediate funds on hand to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. The process is simple.  

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Receive up to 98% of your invoices in just 24 hours.

With our mobile app and online client portal, we make it easy to run your business from anywhere, anytime.

Manage all your loads and assign drivers

Unlimited credit check for customers

Capture images, and upload load documents on the go

Submit invoices for funding

Auto-create invoices

See complete history of all your loads

Tons of extras

Save thousands on your biggest expenses with pre-negotiated discounts from some of the top companies in the transportation industry. We have partnered with a number of companies in the industry to offer our clients discounts and deals on things you need most, from tires to trucks. With eCapital’s invoice factoring service, you get immediate cash for your invoices, plus everything else you need to run a better business.

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eCapital understands the cash flow demands you face and gets you the immediate funds you need for your transportation business.

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