The Voices Inside My Head

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There’s no shortage of voices today. Between social media and the twenty-four-hour news cycle, there is a clattering chorus clamoring for your attention. It’s the voices you pay attention to that ultimately shape your own thoughts and opinions. The question to ask yourself is: what voices do you let inside your head? And what is shuttered out? What dominates your thinking?

It’s never been more important to manage your own thinking. Actively, and consciously, you are the author of your story, giving currency to the voice inside your head. That doesn’t mean ignoring the very real difficulties we all face at present, but it does mean trying to maintain some sense of inner calm, resolve, and yes, even old-fashioned courage. And that relative calm today can be found in “the now”. Not dwelling on all that’s happened, not worrying about what happens next, but focusing your thoughts, whenever possible, on that infinitesimal, ever moving dividing line between past and future – now. What can I do now, today, for my customers? What can I do now, today, for my employees, suppliers, colleagues, business partners, and associates? As the poet Emily Dickinson once wrote “Forever is composed of Nows.” The past is done. The future is not here yet. But the future is shaped by all the actions of now, all the activities and actions taken now, and even by the thoughts of now.

So just a thought to add to your own inner voice. Try and focus on the positive. It’s too easy to be swallowed up whole otherwise. Try and focus on what you can do today to make things a little better for those that depend on you, those that rely on your judgement, and those that matter to you. There’s always something you can do today that can set the stage for a better outcome tomorrow. Listen to that voice, and make it your own.

F. Bruce Sim
Head- Acquisitions

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