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Back to basics: Lions Transportation Success Story


lions-stats smallAfter taking over his family’s 10 year old trucking business, Mohsen jumped in head first trying to find ways to increase revenue and improve operations. He quickly saw that the company’s accounting was all over the place, and covering fuel, drivers, and maintenance was tough when he had to wait 30 days for a customer to pay. Going over the details, he noticed that Lions Transportation actually grew too fast too soon without a solid cash flow plan in place. He realized that Lions Transportation needed to get back to basics and that securing a good financial partner was key to getting organized.


lions success tip smallIt was his brother who recommended eCapital. Mohsen made the call and got started right away. The factoring partnership helped bring instant organization, allowing Mohsen to save money since eCapital was acting as an extension of his accounting department. This way, he didn’t have to hire, manage, and pay an entire back office team to help manage his accounts receivable. Score!


Years later, eCapital still has Mohsen’s back, providing him with the funding and support needed to keep his business running smoothly. He considers his account team at eCapital to be an essential part of his trucking business, and we consider Mohsen to be an essential part of our business, too.
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