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Just How Flexible Are eCapital’s Alternative Lending Solutions?

Retaining flexibility when you borrow funds is a vital component of a company’s financial structure. Ready access to working capital and the ability to self-direct funds allows the business to…
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How Does Invoice Factoring Improve Profits?

Business owners know that more cash on hand means faster growth. So, why do countless companies leave funds locked up in invoices that won’t be paid for 30, 60, 90…
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Great Resignation – Staffing Company Threat or Opportunity

The Great Resignation: Threat or Opportunity for Staffing Companies? Despite renewed pandemic uncertainty, continued supply chain disruptions, and rising inflation, the economic outlook is positive. Economists are projecting that strong…
Yes, You Can Live Free From Financial CovenantsCommercial FinanceCommercial Finance Blog

Yes, You Can Live Free From Financial Covenants

Today, borrowing money is a fundamental part of business. It enables business owners and managers to meet their business objectives as they juggle their way through accounts receivables and payables,…
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Invoice Factoring vs. Bank Loans: What’s the Difference?

Every business needs capital to start and a steady influx of cash to keep running. If you have an established client base and regular positive cash flow, you’ll achieve self-sustainability,…
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How to Manage Your Small Business Post PPP Funding

As the business disruptions of 2020 become memory and the new challenges of a resurging economy continue to develop, small businesses are having to balance growth opportunities with limited sources…
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Solving Top Cash Flow Problems for Manufacturers

The pandemic has altered the global economy unlike any preceding event. Supply chain disruptions and dramatically altered consumer spending habits have reshaped the economic landscape. Manufacturing companies serving industries that…
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Solving Common Business Challenges

There is no doubt small to medium size businesses have become particularly vulnerable to the economic impact of the pandemic. Access to cash flow is a significant concern as sales…
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How to Improve the Cash Conversion Cycle to Preserve Cash Flow

Managing cash flow to meet financial obligations is one of the most challenging aspects of running a business. In an ideal world, wholesalers and distributers push product and inventory quickly…
Image of an African American Baker and a lady in glasses discussing financing options for their startupCommercial FinanceCommercial Finance Blog

What Business Financing Options Do Startups Have?

These are exciting and challenging times for all businesses, old and new. Disruption to global economies caused by the recent pandemic has altered the landscape considerably, elevating some industries to…
Building Your commercial finance broker businessCommercial FinanceCommercial Finance Blog

Building Your Commercial Finance Broker Business

The post-pandemic era is on the horizon, some would argue that it has already begun. How small businesses faced the challenges of the pandemic is only now being assessed, but…
Using Government Contractor Financing to Bridge Cash Flow GapsCommercial FinanceCommercial Finance Blog

Using Government Contractor Financing to Bridge Cash Flow Gaps

The U.S. Federal Government is the world’s largest enterprise and is the single largest purchaser of goods and services in the world. The market is worth over $100 billion in sales…
What Is Cash Against Documents (CAD) Financing?Commercial FinanceCommercial Finance Blog

What Is Cash Against Documents (CAD) Financing?

Cash against document financing (CAD financing) is a method in which an importer pays for goods before receiving them. To ensure the satisfaction of the transaction from both parties, a…
Top 10 Reasons Why Staffing Companies Use Payroll FundingCommercial FinanceCommercial Finance Blog

How to get Start-Up Financing Without a Loan

Navigating the unpredictable waters of starting a new business is challenging at best – advanced planning, preparation and good management can overcome a significant number of tests and trials that…
The Importance of a Notice of Assignment in FactoringCommercial FinanceCommercial Finance Blog

The Importance of a Notice of Assignment in Factoring

In a factoring arrangement, a Notice of Assignment (NOA) is the factoring company’s first communication with the client company’s customers. It is the starting point of an ongoing relationship between…
Will Your Trucking Company Get Paid? Assessing Credit RiskCommercial FinanceCommercial Finance Blog

What Is Invoice Factoring Without Recourse

Factoring accounts receivables to gain immediate access to working capital is a sound business decision. The process of selecting the right factoring company for your business requires proper understanding of…
a man and a woman shaking hands in the presence of a second man in glassesCommercial FinanceCommercial Finance Blog

Building Your Business

How we work with referral brokers. When companies need access to capital, they need a source that is responsive, adaptive and expedient. Since 2006, eCapital has worked with brokers in…
a man in suit and a woman in office wear walking down a hallCommercial FinanceCommercial Finance Blog

Creating Credit Heroes

How we work with bankers and financial advisors. Working with clients who are facing financial challenges is not only difficult, it can put a strain on your business relationship. When…
a team of corporate women having a meetingCommercial FinanceCommercial Finance Blog

Partners in Your Success

How we work with our clients. You’ve probably heard the popular saying, “It’s about the journey, not the destination.” Well, here at eCapital we have to disagree. When it comes…
Notice of Assignment factoringCommercial FinanceCommercial Finance Blog

DIP Financing Can Help Turn a Company Around Following Bankruptcy

Businesses in financial distress usually find that sources of new funding shrink just when they need it the most. The ability to obtain further advances from current lenders may be…
Dip FinancingCommercial FinanceCommercial Finance Blog

Factoring for Small Business

Why Would A Small Business Use a Factoring Service? When your small or mid-sized business needs fast, flexible working capital financing, factoring companies provide needed cash flow. A small business…
How to get Start-Up Financing Without a LoanCommercial FinanceCommercial Finance Blog

What is Invoice Factoring?

Invoice factoring is a financial transaction and a type of debtor finance. In an invoice factoring agreement, a business sells its accounts receivable (invoice) to a third party (called a…
Door to a bank vaultCommercial FinanceCommercial Finance Blog

The Changing Role of the Commercial Banking System

During 2020 the government and the commercial banking system responded quickly and empathetically to provide assistance and credit with flexible terms to business customers. But this benevolence can’t be sustained. Current uncertainty…
How to Retreat from Small Business Loans on Good TermsCommercial FinanceCommercial Finance Blog

How to Retreat from Small Business Loans on Good Terms

How Do Banks Retreat From SBLs And Retain Customer Loyalty? In the words of Bob Dylan, "the times they are a changing”, again and again and again. Over the past two decades business trends and…
7 simple things to do to free up working capitalBlogCommercial FinanceCommercial Finance Blog

7 simple things to do to free up working capital

All companies should first focus on working capital management before considering any form of financial assistance. The efficient administration of inventory control, accounts receivable and accounts payable are of utmost importance. If done right, improved working…
How Do SMBs Best Manage Working Capital?BlogCommercial FinanceCommercial Finance Blog

How Do SMBs Best Manage Working Capital?

Commercial businesses in all industries share a common need: the ability to finance operations to keep business running smoothly and generate profit. Since the 2008 credit crisis, banks have increasingly restricted credit to small and medium-size companies in…
Business executive surrounded by computer monitors reviews data graphs printed on paperBlogCommercial FinanceCommercial Finance Blog

Secure the Most Funding at the Lowest Rate

Growing a Small Business is Challenging and Finding the Right Financing is Vital for Success Small businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy, making up 99.9% of all companies…
Four people sitting in a business meeting around a table while one person stands up and presentsBlogCommercial FinanceCommercial Finance Blog

5 Reasons Alternative Banking Helps Small Businesses Thrive

When seeking business financing, it is important to conduct a thorough evaluation of your business and educate yourself about the many financial options available. Here are five steps that every…
Person in a warehouse taking inventory using a tablet deviceBlogCommercial FinanceCommercial Finance Blog

What You Are Afraid to Ask About Inventory Financing

Supply chain finance allows a supplier to leverage an alternative lender to create cash flow on credit, secured by the invoices in accounts receivable that have not yet been paid.…
Person taking notes while reviewing data graphs on a tabletBlogCommercial FinanceCommercial Finance Blog

Financial Solutions: Alternative Funding vs. Bank Loans

Established business owners can attest that traditional bank loans aren’t suited for every type of business or every stage of business growth. Further, Small Business Administration (SBA) business loans are…
Person in a warehouse using a laptop to help manage ordersBlogCommercial FinanceCommercial Finance Blog

Inventory Tips to Avoid Cash Flow Headaches When Tariffs Cause Pricing Volatility

When tariffs are imposed it naturally causes an increase in the costs of doing business. This cost shift causes volatility affecting the market in unexpected ways. For some industries, tariffs…
Business executive smiling in front of a white board with data graphs and post-its stuck to itBlogCommercial FinanceCommercial Finance Blog

Using Accounts Receivable Financing for the Liquidity

When running your business, a cash shortage can be a nightmare. You must pay bills, pay staff and order the goods that keep your business running. What can you let…