Case Study Mid Sized Fleet

Case Study
Company Profile
Started business: March 2015
Fleet size: Mid-Size 25 trucks
Locations: 3
Client since: May 2016


Rick, a mid-sized fleet owner, was juggling cash-flow gaps that made it difficult to cut payroll every week. “My drivers live paycheck to paycheck, so delaying a payroll wasn’t an option,” Rick explained. Even with good paying customers, waiting 30 or 60 days to get paid created significant dips in working capital for this business. Rick wanted to focus on driver retention and improve service. Instead, he found himself chasing payments.


A friend told him about eCapital’s invoice factoring to provide steady cash flow. “Not only did we get protection against the cash flow peaks and valleys but we gained a financial partner,” said Rick. “We were doing everything ourselves and that didn’t allow us to grow.” The professional billing and collections service freed his staff to work on priorities like reducing driver turnover and better customer service.

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With his new stabilized cash flow, Rick has focused on his priority to improve driver retention. Rick’s driver turnover rate dropped by 6% and he’s experienced an increase in return drivers.

Funding partnership to protect your business

eCapital understands the financial pressures you face and gets you access to your own money that’s bottle-necked in unpaid accounts receivable. No matter if you have 3 trucks or 100, we can get you paid quickly so you can:

  • Expand your fleet
  • Hire more drivers
  • Make payroll and cover operating expenses

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