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0.99% rate for Cargo Chief/C4 carriers!

It’s easy!

Here’s how freight factoring with us works:


Sign up

It’s quick and easy. We keep the paperwork to a minimum so you can start quickly. Signing up online takes 3-minutes!


Upload Paperwork

Submit your documents to the eCapital Client Portal. It’s so easy you can do it from our eCapital Mobile App.


Get Cash

We advance up to 95% of your invoice amount in 24-hours. You will receive the remaining 5% once your customer pays (minus a small fee).

Hello Cargo Chief/C4 carriers! We understand the cash flow demands you face, so let’s gets you the immediate funds you need for your transportation business. All Cargo Chief/C4 carriers are eligible for introductory factoring rates of 0.99% for the first 30-days!* No matter if you have 1 truck or 100, we can get you the quick cash you need to:

  • Expand your fleet
  • Hire more drivers
  • Pay for fuel and operating expenses

Complete our contact form above and we can get you started, today! Plus, when you join the eCapital family, you receive:

  • Access to exclusive brokers offering high paying loads
  • Integrated transportation tools to better your business
  • Discounts with our industry leading partners
  • Benefits that you won’t find anywhere else

It’s simple, fast, and free to start. Why not have us send you a no-obligation quote?

*Introductory rate applies to all invoices purchased for the first 30-days of your contract period for invoices paid within 30-days