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3 Reasons Why Tire Pressure is Vital to Your Trucking Company’s Success (And a Solution that Makes Sense)

Tire pressure. For a truck driver or fleet owner, tire pressure is a critical variable of the business. From fuel efficiency and safety to your company’s bottom line, tire pressure impacts a wide range of attributes that touch many areas of your operation.

Here are three compelling reasons why tire pressure is vital to your business:

  1. Safety – Each year, 80,000 accidents are attributed to low tire pressure. Low tire pressure is the leading cause of tire blowouts, which not only affect your truck fleet but the vehicles around them. Properly inflated tires provide greater stability, handling, and breaking and can better handle poor road conditions like water and snow.
  2. Economy and Revenue – Tires cost money, and properly inflated tires can extend the life of your tires by as much as 35%. If that’s not enough, the Department of Transportation estimates that 5.4 million gallons of fuel each day (that’s 2 billion each year!) are wasted due to low tire pressure. Plus, in addition to safety concerns, tire blowouts result in roadside downtime, delivery delays and lost revenue.
  3. Environment – Properly inflated tires not only save on all that gasoline, but it helps reduce the amount of rubber particulates in the air, which affects air quality. And improved tire life not only saves you money, but reduces the number of worn tires sitting in landfills.

How can you ensure your tires are properly inflated?
Investing in a tire pressure monitoring system may be a wise choice. At eCapital, we want to make sure you’re completely covered on the road. So in addition to providing you with immediate cash for your invoices, we’ve partnered with some of the top businesses in the industry. We’re excited to announce our newest partnership that we think will help our transportation factoring clients. Advantage PressurePro is the world’s leading provider of Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems and technologies. Their systems are easy to install and transfer between trucks, and they bring drivers and fleets real time tire performance readings and alerts, both in-cab or to a remote location.

PressurePro is the industry’s only American Made product, the most comprehensive solution offering, and the market’s longest lasting Sensors. They also have a pretty cool ROI calculatorthat they built so you can determine if their solutions are right for you and your fleet.

Better yet, eCapital clients receive a pretty nice discount. Call us for more information. We’d be happy to tell you about these guys!