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3 Essential tips to make 2018 your best year

Haven’t made a dent or even started on those looming New Year’s resolutions? Don’t worry, you’re only human after all!
If you’re one of the many that resolved to grow your business or finances in 2018 – good thinking! For those that have actually started conquering their goals, kudos! For those that haven’t, we’re here to help.
Here’s 3 seemingly obvious but absolutely essential tips to make 2018 the best year yet for your business!

Write it down.
Putting your goals to paper makes them 5 times more likely to happen!

We get it, this is cliché advice – but have you actually written your goals down? A clear end goal with actual calculated steps to get you there? Now, it doesn’t have to be pretty. You can even use a sharpie and stick figures are completely acceptable but just WRITE IT DOWN.

Clearly defining your goal and getting it on paper is age old advice – because it actually works! Without a clear plan and definitive steps, the task at hand can seem too daunting – which can deter you from reaching your financial goals. Once you’ve written your plan down, put it somewhere visible in your truck so you always have a reminder of what you’re working towards and what you’ve accomplished so far to get there.

Positivity is key.
Give yourself a high-five, or two!
Another obvious one, right? However, we’re talking about positivity that extends beyond just your attitude.

Remember that you’re the most important player in driving your financial future so putting yourself first is a worthy investment. Do this by focusing on both your physical and mental health. Exercising, stretching during your breaks or reading – whatever works! This self-care will ultimately allow you to take on your goals with more stamina and overall positivity. This will especially come in handy when it comes time for you take on the inevitable obstacles that will come up while working towards your business goals.

So, take care of yourself – you’re the most valuable piece in deciding your financial future.

Use your resources.
Create your own personal “A-Team”!
“Teamwork makes the dream work!” Sure, you’ve probably heard some variation of this cheesy saying from a plethora of people – but have you really thought about applying this to your business goals? Pursuing business growth is a difficult enough in itself so give yourself the best chance at succeeding by surrounding yourself with top notch resources.

That might mean utilizing an experienced mentor to guide you along, the best financial advisor to help you plan your financial future, the best mechanic to keep your truck running, or it could even be a tax accountant to ensure you catch every tax break possible come April.

Don’t go at it alone – create your own personal support team of experts so you can focus on driving your business goals!

Finally, one last bonus tip! Partner up with a company like eCapital to reach your business goals. We give you fast access to your cash through accelerated invoice payment. Plus, we give you important tools like access to loads, brokers, and fuel discounts. Finally, enjoy the peace of mind knowing that we can serve as your personal support team to help you make 2018 YOUR year.

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