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The Market Might Be Weak But You Can Be Strong in 2020

While the trucking industry might not be in the best market situation currently, there are some experts who are optimistic about 2020 and all that it is likely to bring. A market flip is expected to emerge this year and it’s something that can truly help the entire industry.

Here are three of the trends you’re likely to see impact the industry in 2020:


Over the past few years, the e-commerce industry has grown tremendously, and we currently live in a world where people prefer to shop online than in-store. The e-commerce industry is dependent on truckers to get their goods from one place to another, and this means that improvements in the e-commerce industry will lead to improvements within the trucking industry. Because the e-commerce industry is likely to grow further in 2020, one can be hopeful that the trucking industry also experiences some positive growth.

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The cost of fuel has always been a factor when accounting for the expenses that trucking companies incur, and the rising costs have always been a matter of concern. Trucking companies can opt to invest in alternative fuel trucks or electric trucks to cost these costs, although the upfront expense can be overwhelming. Most trucking companies opt to cut costs in other ways to make up for the huge cost of fuel.

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The pricing that truckers currently operate at is considered incredibly low. During 2019, the pricing that truckers worked with experienced a significant decline because of the shortage of jobs. In 2020, the pricing that trucking companies are likely to change, either for the better or worse. Either way, there is no doubt that there are going to be significant changes to the pricing when it comes to the trucking services that companies offer.

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